Want to lose weight? Here’s how you can drink alcohol and still stay slender | The Sun

SCIENTISTS have discovered how you can shed pounds while boozing.

Until now, it's been assumed by experts that drinking puts on weight.

But as long as you nosh on nuts and other healthy bar snacks, you can actually lose weight, experts have said.

An Australian study found that drinkers who opted for high-protein, lean foods consumed fewer calories overall than people who abstain from drinking entirely.

This is because protein has a satiating effect, so people eat less.

Lead author of the study, Amanda Grech, of The University of Sydney, said: “It’s known alcohol increases appetite, particularly for savoury food, a phenomenon that’s known as the ‘aperitif effect."

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Meanwhile, alcohol suppresses the appetite for sweet food – known for its fat loading affects.

Analysis, presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Melbourne, Australia, found people who drank consumed on average 1,749 calories daily, including those from alcohol. 

This was 577 fewer than they needed to maintain current weight, and 451 less than the 2,200 racked up by the non-drinkers.

This however, was only the case for drinkers who consumed protein rich foods.

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Drinkers who munched on carb heavy, low protein savoury foods consumed an average 3,051 calories on average — 813 more more than their daily allowance.

Alcohol is often said to be 'empty calories', because it is energy dense yet doesn't contain many nutrients.

But evidence it contributes to weight gain is inconclusive. 

The findings are based on 9,341 Australians found that those who drank alcohol consumed more savour foods, than those who didn't.

The experts suggested, that people select healthier lean protein sources such as lean red meat, chicken, fish, seafood or legumes and avoid the urge to snack on low-protein, savoury snack foods when drinking.

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"This will ensure that your protein appetite is satisfied without over consuming energy, leading to weight gain. 

"Above all, be sure to stick within the guidelines for alcohol intake, which poses health risks other than weight gain and obesity.”

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