Viewers left in awe after Amanda Owen puts CHEESE in her apple pie

Our Yorkshire Farm shepherdess Amanda Owen leaves viewers baffled by putting CHEESE in her apple pie in This Morning cooking segment

  • Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen shared apple pie recipe on This Morning 
  • She revealed added cheese on top of the apples before sliding it in the oven  
  • Viewers were shocked by the clashing ingredients during the cooking segment  

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen shocked viewers by adding cheese to her apple pie during a cooking segment on This Morning.  

The mother-of-nine, 45, who lives on her farm of Ravenseat in Swaledale, with her large brood and her husband Clive, 66 in was sharing her special recipe for the indulging dessert on the show today. 

Everything seemed alright until she explained she added cheese curds on top of her pie before putting it in the oven in a ‘Yorkshire twist.’

Bewildered viewers looked in awe as she added the dices of cheese, with many voicing their disgust on Twitter. 

Amanda, pictured, explained her husband Clive Owen, 66, with whom she shared a brood of nine children, would not eat pie if it didn’t have cheese in it 

Yorkshire Sheperdess Amanda Owen, 45, shocked This Morning viewers when she revealed she added cheese (pictured) to her apple pie

Viewers were left disgusted by the unusual recipe with a ‘Yorkshire Twist,’ and could not believe Amanda had added the ingredient 

Amanda Owen’s ‘Apple pie with a Yorkshire Twist’


– 400g of plain flour, 

– 360g of butter

– 8 tbs of icing sugar

– 4 egg yokes 

 – Yorkshire Wensleydale (very optional) 


Mix the flour with butter, icing sugar and four egg yokes. 

Let it rest in the fridge. 

Stew the apples on a low heat for 15 minutes with more sugar. 

Roll the pastry into the dish, then add the apple filling, 

You can add the crumbs of cheese on top of the apples if you want. 

Then add the lid and bake for 40 minutes.  

Amanda, had asked for the help of her younger children to bake the dessert, with son Milo cutting apples and youngest daughter Nancy crumbling pieces of Yorkshire in a plate. 

‘”Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze”, that’s what they say around here,’ Amanda said. 

‘And Clive wouldn’t eat apple pie if it didn’t have cheese in it, so let’s set to,’ she added. 

She explained in the segment that the cheese was a locally sourced Yorkshire Wensleydale that would be crumbled into dices.

After stirring the apples in a dish with some sugar and rolling the pastry herself, Amanda started pouring the mix in the dish. 

Before putting the pie in the oven, she added the diced cheese on top of the mixture, and added a patry lid on top, before baking it for 40 minutes. 

Her choice of dessert with a cheesy twist did not impress viewers, who were shocked she’d use cheese in the sweet pie.   

‘Why the f*** is she putting cheese in an apple pie,’ one said. 

The mother-of-nine said she used locally source Wensleydale cheese for her pie, which she added on top of the apple mix 

Youngest daughter Nancy was seen crumbling the cheese into tiny bits while her brother cut the apples 

‘The secret to this woman’s apple pie is cheese? I bet she puts raisins in her potato salad,’ said another. 

‘Cheese , did I hear that correctly ?? In a apple pie,’ asked a bewildered fan. 

‘Who in their right f***ing mind would have CHEESE in an apple pie,’ said another. 

The rest of Amanda’s pie was traditional, with other ingredients including butter, apples, sugar and eggs and flour for the pastry. 

Amanda explained she started by mixing 400g of plain flour with 360g of butter, eight tablespoons of icing sugat and four egg yokes for the pastry, before putting it to chill in the fridge. 

Viewers were not convinced by Amanda’s recipe, with some asking who would ever add cheese to their pies 

She then stewed the apples with sugar for 15 minutes on a low heat, before having the kids roll the pastry into shape, and placing it in the dish. 

‘Obviously, it’s not a low-calorie dish, but what it is, is beautiful comfort food,’ Amanda said. 

She dispensed her advice while preparing the pie before putting it in the oven. 

‘It’s very important to keep the pastry cold and pie filling cold,’ she said.

She then moved on to add the controversial ingredient, saying:  ‘One thing that we have to put in here before we put the lid on: cheese.’

She explained she left the pie to bake for 40 minutes before serving. 

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