Vanessa Hudgens Impresses ‘RENT’ Fans With Live ‘Over The Moon’ & ‘Take Me Or Leave Me’ Performances

Bravo! Vanessa Hudgens gave her all in her performance as Maureen in the FOX’s live musical broadcast of ‘RENT’. Check out her two most important performances and how she did.

The character of Maureen in RENT is, in short, iconic.  Many have followed in the footsteps of the magnificent Idina Menzel, who originated the role in the original Broadway production as well as the film adaptation, but we dare say no one has tried to do so with millions of eyeballs watching their every move around the globe — until now. Vanessa Hudgens took up the challenge for FOX’s live production of Jonathan Larson’s beloved musical, bringing to life the role of the raunchy, bisexual New York performance artist under the scrutiny of every RENT-head watching.

‘Over The Moon’ is the stand out Maureen performance and Vanessa surprisingly really, really brought it. Her vocals were, without a doubt, at the top of her game. She held the power note — you know the one, the one that solidified Idina as Broadway legend — and didn’t even lose her breathe. Impressive. She also made the performance her own with a wild cow headdress and some other oddly placed props. But the part that really stood out was when she allowed herself to be harnessed and lifted into the air to literally moo over the moon. Now THAT was worth reprising this show!

As for her duet, ‘Take Me Or Leave Me,’ V-Hudge impressed again, this time matching vocal wits with her on-screen lover Joanne, played by Kiersey Clemons. Compared to the Broadway production, there was a lot more physicality to this performance. Vanessa had to straddle banisters, jump on a bed, and strut around in what looked like 6-inch platform boots — none of which is easy to do while belting out a song.

Vanessa tried to make the role her own, to avoid comparisons to Idina and other women who have played Maureen before her. She shared with and the press earlier this month during a roundtable discussion how important it was to her to stand out. “It’s been so much fun finding Maureen within myself because she is loud and she loves being the center of attention and I am a performer,” she explained. “I love having all eyes on me and she expresses herself in a way that is unique to her own and she’s an artist and I feel like that’s what I aspire to be like as well.” Well, there was definitely a lot of eyes on her tonight — way to live up to the moment!

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