Twitter Is Thirsting Over the Jonas Brothers Potentially Meeting BTS at the BBMAs

Hey hey hey, the Jonas Brothers showed up to the Billboard Music Awards looking like three very tasty snacks (side note: JUSTICE FOR FRANKIE) and no one can deal. In case you are not aware, in which case please amend the situation immediately, Nick, Joe, and Kevin (bless his heart) have reunited, are putting out an album, and just announced a tour—and they all SERVED on the carpet.

First of the Jo Bros wore matching very intense patterned suits. But it’s what’s under the suits that matters here. Mostly because Kevin fully forgot to wear a shirt and almost had a nip-slip like eight million times, while Nick’s approach to the shirt portion of his outfit was literally just a strip of mesh. Guess Joe is the only man who knows how to clothes work in this group!

Anyway, much like me, fans can’t deal.

ohh jonas brothers #BBMAs

Though to be honest, all anyone really cares about is the Jonas Brothers being on the same carpet as BTS, and potentially meeting them during this awards show. Pease try to find any chill in these tweets, and if you succeed, go ahead and @ me.

if we get bts & jonas brothers interacting 11 year old me & current me will spontaneously combust

CNCO BTS and Jonas Brothers at the Billboards tomorrow knowing they’re the only boybands that matter at the BBMAS this year

no one:

not a single soul:

the jonas brothers: so we want to meet

if we dont get a bts and jonas brothers interaction/picture then WHATS THE POINT #BBMAs

bts and jonas brothers tonight


P.S. If you’re wondering why the Jonas Brothers’ new album is called “Happiness Begins” it’s because a) the universe has been a happier place since they reunited duh, and b) according to Nick they’re “trying to bottle up happiness and bring it into the world.” Kay we’ll just be out here like:

Me texting my mom asking her to buy me Jonas Brothers tickets like she did 10 years ago

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