Try Guys say Ned Fulmer will never ‘come back’ to work with them again

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The Try Guys Try Setting Boundaries.

Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld stood by their decision as a group to fire Ned Fulmer — and even said he would never come back as an employee.

Following a week-long hiatus, the Try Guys released a new podcast episode on Thursday where they gave fans a closer look at how they felt after finding out their co-founder cheated on his wife of 10 years, Ariel Fulmer.

However, when producer Miles Bonsignore asked them “if this hadn’t gone public, is there a world where Ned would have come back and was a cast member,” both Kornfeld and Habersberger simply said “no.”

“Look, what happened, it betrayed our trust, it was a workplace violation. It would mean to all the people in the office who knew what they knew […] that we weren’t being true to who we said we are in our values,” Habersberger elaborated.

“Very simply, he would have been removed. It would not have been this public spectacle, we would have tried to avoid that for the sake of the other people involved but it happened how it happened.”

Kornfeld noted that as a brand, they stand by a series of values that their followers look up to.

“We want that to be expressed via the leadership from Keith, Eugene [Lee Yang] and myself, into the values of our company,” he added.

Habersberger and Kornfeld also dived into the “emotions” they felt when they found, everything ranging from confusion and anger to sadness and frustration.

The former went on to explain that Ned being placed under review and ultimately fired “felt like a breakup.”

The Try Guys began working together in 2014 before starting their own production company four years later.


The Try Guys began working together in 2014 before starting their own production company four years later.

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