Tricky optical illusion challenges people with sharp eyes to find butterfly

People have been treated to all kinds of optical illusions lately.

Recently players with high IQs were left stumped as they couldn't find the woman in the black and white lines.

On another occasion, an optical illusion challenged "geniuses" to spot the fox before huntsman in 9 seconds.

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Now a new image is confusing people as it shows a floral garden scene where a butterfly is hiding among the flowers.

It's a great test for your observation skills as players are required to find the insect within 7 seconds.

So have you got what it takes?

Optical illusions are a great way to test someone's ability to observe and think critically.

Looking for the butterfly in the pink scene could leave you scratching your head for sometime but we'll give you a hint.

If you look somewhere around the left side of the image, you might be able to find the creature.

Don't worry if you're still struggling as those who find it easily are essentially blessed with good eyes.

To make it even harder as well, the butterfly is also pink so you'll have to seriously squint to see anything.

Scroll down below to find the answer to the optical illusion!

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Another illusion to try is asking people to spot the potato hiding with hamsters in less than 7 seconds.

The image shared by JagranJosh has been designed to test your observational skills and intelligence.

While this seems like an easy challenge, solving the optical illusion requires a person to have good observation skills and eye for detail.

To find the spud, pay close attention to the image and see if you can spot the potato hiding among the hamsters.

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