Topless influencer told to ‘cover up’ at pool hits back as ‘men don’t wear tops’

A non-binary influencer was left fuming when they were told it was "inappropriate" to sunbathe at a harbour pool without a top.

Kath Ebbs was swimming in Dawn Fraser Baths, a paid pool area by the harbour in Sydney, Australia, before a lifeguard asked her to cover their breasts.

The 25-year-old shared the incident on Instagram to fans as they called out the double standards on sexism.

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"When I go to a beach or to a pool, I don't wear a top because men don't have to wear a top," Kath explained while sitting in their car.

"Also as a non-binary person, I personally feel more sexualised and dysphoric when I have a bikini top on.

"Besides the point, men don't have to put tops on so I don't because until they have to, I won't."

Two hours later, a lifeguard approached Kath and said a man made a complaint about them "because there were children around".

Kath continued: "I'm sorry, but children are probably the only individuals in this place that aren't sexualising my boobs because kids don't see gender and sexuality and bodies in that way.

"It's not until we get taught. Why? Because the f**king patriarchy and because of the male gaze and because of the society we live in."

They got frustrated at the man for using children as bait for his uncomfortability.

Kath stood by their grounds and asked the lifeguard to show proof of written rules regarding the being topless in the pool.

"Until then, it shouldn't be an issue for me sitting here with my genderless boobs out, having a merry old time, as well as teaching kids they shouldn't be ashamed of their body," they added.

"They [Dawn Fraser Baths] need to f***ing fix their policy."

Kath was praised by viewers and called it "ridiculous" and "backwards" for asking them to cover up breasts.

"A body is a body, I stand for you Kath and non-binary boobies (and all boobies) should be freed," one commented.

Another wrote: "Kids know bodies are natural."


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