TikTok’s favourite semi-permanent freckle pen has been given a summer update

If you’re tuning into Love Island each night and marvelling at some of the contestants' perfectly sunkissed complexions, you’re not alone. However, despite the heatwave we’re having this week, not all of us want – or have time – to spend hours in the sun in a bid to get natural freckles and a “fresh from holiday” complexion.

So how do you cheat Tasha Ghouri’s beachy look without spending time on an actual beach? TikTok famous brand utan thinks it’s found the solution in the form of the new and improved Pen, £18 here. The waterproof and buildable semi-permanent formula lasts up to 48 hours, offering a sunkissed “no-makeup makeup” effect in seconds.

The original version was snapped up by thousands of fans, and was regularly sold out on the site. Now it’s back with a new and improved formula, “enriched with nourishing Manketti oil, Vitamin E & mint extract”.

We’re told the new pen has fixed an “undetectable fault” in some brush nibs, which meant that the freckle effect occasionally wasn’t as neat and defined as it should have been. (Worth knowing if you’ve had this issue – our beauty director had noted this issue with her original sample, and confirms that the new pen has fixed it.)

We guarantee TikTok fame is on the horizon for this updated formula – and it wouldn’t be for the first time, either. For the uninitiated, last year a trick for perfectly lined lips went viral on the app, as users used fake tan to temporarily define their lips. The hack involves using a very thin makeup brush to trace around the lips using fake tan, a bit like a semi permanent lip liner.

utan’s original pen proved the perfect tool for the trend, and provided users with an even easy application solution in the form of the felt tip end. Though, of course, the primary function of the pen is to create freckles, TikTokers found it offered the perfect semi–permanent lip liner.

Now, the brand has even released a how-to on using the pen as a semi-permanent lip liner. Smart. Simply apply a protective lip balm to avoid direct application on lips, then overline the outside of the lip border and define the Cupid's bow. It can also be used to contour the nose.

If you want to use the pen to create freckles, the process is just as simple. For best results apply the dots over makeup. Lightly tap the nib onto the skin, changing direction and pressure to create custom freckles. Each tap will expand within a few minutes for freckles that are water-resistant after six hours and last up to 48 hours.

We love a multi-use buy!


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