This period mask is saving skin from breakouts and you can get 20% off

Suffering from hormonal skin? This face mask helps clear breakouts AND keep ‘hormonal acne at bay’ (and we have an exclusive discount code)


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Those with temperamental skin are raving about a results-driven skincare range with simple, skin-loving ingredients that’s priced under £30 – and it’s won plenty of awards too.

Faace understands that not all of us have the time or the budget to visit a dermatologist, so have created a range of say-what-you-see products that are uncomplicated and versatile.

The Period Faace Face Mask is one of the brand’s bestselling products, designed to address period-related skin issues from breakouts to inflammation. And we have a 20 per cent discount code that can be used sitewide so you can get your best skin yet, even on your period. Just enter Mail20 at checkout.  

Faace has created a no-nonsense face mask to address hormonal-related skin issues; the Period Faace Face Mask. 

Loaded with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, green tea and zinc, the mask helps to kick potential breakouts to the curb and minimise inflammation.  

The jelly-like mask is gentle on the skin but still loaded with skin-loving ingredients, potent enough to kick potential breakouts to the curb

If you’re feeling less than your best and your skin is playing up with breakouts, large pores and shiny t-zone, then the Period Faace Face Mask could come to the rescue. 

The face mask, which costs £27, contains zinc to help regulate increased oil production, green tea and hyaluronic acid to soothe and hydrate, and white willow (a derivative of salicylic acid) and natural antiseptic clary sage to banish blemishes and stop acne-causing bacteria in its tracks. 

While a lot of masks are made from clay which some can find drying, the Period Faace Face Mask has a jelly-like gel texture.

Refreshing and lightweight, it can be applied as often as you need and in various ways. Use it as a lightweight leave-on mask; in a thick layer as a heavier mask for 20 minutes, or for best results, leave on overnight.

Supercharged with skin-loving ingredients, it helps balance hormonal skin and kick potential breakouts to the kerb. And it has rave reviews to boot.  

Period Faace (£27) is a must-have if your skin is feeling out of balance

Shoppers who have tried the Period Faace Face Mask have called it ‘amazing’ and ‘a must-try’. One impressed user raved: ‘From first use very soothing and calming for my hormonal jaw-line spots. 

‘I was in the midst of a mini outbreak when it arrived, and it stopped it in its tracks and aided skin healing.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Have had breakout and blemish issues throughout lockdown, and the Faace mask has had an amazing impact clearing skin and keeping it calm and healthy-looking. 

‘I have tried various masks over the years and this has really surprised me with its easy application and the fast results.’

A third penned: ‘I like to apply faace overnight to keep hormonal acne at bay- honestly works a treat! Also great for ‘maskne”.’

MailOnline readers can now enjoy 20 per cent off any face mask at Faace by using discount code Mail20. That means you can currently get the Period Faace mask for just £21.60 (usually £27).

The Dirty Faace Cleanser has a creamy gel formula that gets rid of old make-up, dirt, SPF and pollution.

Better still, it treats the complexion with purifying, soothing and moisturising ingredients that help ward off breakouts and leaves skin super soft. 

This multitasking product works as both a creamy cleanser and a 10-minute mask to help combat clogged pores, rough skin and a sallow complexion.

Loaded with ingredients like green tea, turmeric, vitamin C and vitamin E, it helps draw out all the gunk in your pores, leaving it brighter and clearer. 

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