This Lifetime Movie Will Make You Never Trust A Doula Again

Lifetime may be cashing in on the Christmas movie craze but the network hasn’t completely abandoned the twisty, dramatic flicks that viewers love. Your Baby Is Mine is not based on a true story, but the plot sounds like something ripped straight from a news headline.

Per Lifetime’s description, Days of Our Lives alum Linsey Godfrey stars as Anna Gray, a woman who just started a family with her husband Jon. All is well in their lives until a dark secret from her past puts her newborn child in danger. Years ago, Anna was babysitting a child who died and now the mother (Rachel) wants to even the score by kidnapping Anna’s new child. It’s certainly not the first time a woman has tried to steals someone’s child, especially in the Lifetime universe. Thankfully it’s not a real story, so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in the drama.

Your Baby Is Mine, previously named Baby Obsession, has a full-length and disturbing trailer that will make moms want to hide their children. Anna and Jon are all smiles and happiness as they chat about their impending arrival on her popular blog and celebrate with friends at a baby shower. After the baby is born, they decide to hire Rose, a doula who will help them with their transition into parenthood. Of course, Rose is blond, pretty, bubbly, and a little too friendly to Jon, but Anna doesn’t seem to notice.

Things take a dark turn when Rose watches a video of Anna admitting to her followers that a baby under her care died from SIDS when she was just a teenager. Anna becomes disturbed when Rose calls her daughter Violet, which was the name of the baby who died years earlier.

Anna’s bestie confronts Rose and ends up with getting hit in the head with a metal rod in return because someone always has to die in these movies. Rose gets increasingly flirty with Jon and Anna soon discovers that Rose is actually Raquel a.k.a. Violet’s mom. But, it’s too late because Rose/Raquel has kidnapped their new baby.

There’s a ton of ominous music, gasping, panicking, and Rose hitting people with blunt objects. The clip ends with Rose and Anna preparing for a major showdown in a cabin. Rose has a gun, but Anna will somehow defeat her with the shiny pot that she is wielding in the dark because this is a Lifetime flick.

How did Anna not recognize Rose? It’s not clear if Anna was a regular babysitter for the family or if the tragedy happened the first time she was hired, but surely something that traumatic would singe a person’s face into your memory, right? But, to be fair, Rose has aged since the tragic accident and she dyed her dark hair blonde to change her appearance. Anna may have had some sneaking suspicions but she likely put them out of her mind because it seemed too far-fetched.

And, why wouldn’t she check this woman’s identification and do a full background check before allowing her into her home and around her new baby. Anna’s an Internet personality, so she should know that people can be dangerous. After all, her vlog is probably how Rose located her in the first place. One thing is for sure – anyone who plays the long-game like Rose has some screws loose and has to die ASAPtually. It’s the law of Lifetime films.

Watch Anna fight for her daughter’s safety when this movie debuts on December 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

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