This Jason Momoa ‘SNL’ Joke Featured An Iconic ‘GoT’ Callback

While the show has introduced and killed off dozens of characters since he’s been on the show, Jason Momoa’s performance as the intimidating Khal Drogo in the first season of Game Of Thrones left a massive impact on the series, establishing the show’s penchant for brutality. The Dothraki leader appeared a lot more calm and collected, however, when Jason Momoa reprised his role as Khal Drogo on Saturday Night Live for "Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo," a fictional talk show in which Khal Drogo and one of his Blood Riders, played by Kenan Thompson, interview some of the series’ most notable deceased characters.

Khal Drogo was one of the show’s earliest deaths, being one of the few characters along with Ned Stark and Viserys Targaryen that didn’t manage to survive the first season, the latter of whom died at Khal Drogo’s hand. Since then, however, Game Of Thrones has not been shy about killing off characters in new, brutal ways. Compared to the characters that stop by the Ghost Dojo, Khal Drogo got off pretty easy — the cause of his death was simply an infected wound, which is surely preferable to getting pulled apart by wights or getting blown up in the Sept of Baelor. While Jason Momoa is over five years removed from his time on Game Of Thrones, the actor slipped easily back into the menacing, unhinged Khal Drogo that fans are familiar with, and those same fans took to Twitter to declare their excitement to see the character’s resurrection.

Kenan Thompson’s Blood Rider took on most of the interview questions during the show itself, with Khal Drogo sticking to what he knows best — taking bites out of big chunks of meat and pouring molten gold on the heads of people that displease him. The interview guests themselves didn’t feature any surprise Game Of Thrones actor cameos, but instead provided an opportunity for SNL cast members to bring out their best GoT impressions. First up was Beck Bennett as Hodor, who unsurprisingly got enraged when he was asked to "hold the door" on his way out. Following that was Pete Davidson as the High Sparrow, who took umbrage at the fact that despite fifty years of celibacy, he still ended up in the same afterlife as Khal Drogo.

Other segments included a brief visit from Brienne of Tarth, played by Heidi Gardner, which made everyone question if her character was dead or alive, and a commercial for Little Beard Twisties beloved by Khal Drogo, a notice that the show’s Wardrobe was provided by dead horses, and an ad for the Essos answer to Elf On The Shelf — Khal On The Wall! ("He knows if you’ve been naughty — and he’ll kill you!") The sketch culminates in a Maury-esque confrontation between Kate McKinnon’s Joffrey Lannister and Aidy Bryant’s Olenna Tyrell, before Alex Moffat’s Oberyn Martell shows off the results of a new makeover, trading in his gouged-out eye sockets for fun googly-eyed glasses à la Gritty.

In a year without a new season of Game Of Thrones, the sketch was a welcome reminder of some of the series’ most important deaths with plenty of laughs for the viewers who may not be familiar with one of the most-talked about series in America. Should Jason Momoa ever host SNL again following the final season of Game Of Thrones, there will surely be plenty more deceased characters that would fit perfectly in the world of the Ghost Dojo.

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