These Comfy Insoles Make Every Pair of Shoes I Own Feel As Soft and Comfy As Uggs

We all deserve a vacation, a getaway, a mini break from life every now and then. We work hard.

But while our brains might get a break when we ditch our desks to explore a new destination, our feet are often forced to work overtime. It’s time to consider lifestyle choices that give our feet a vacation, too.

Luckily, we have podiatrists to give us helpful advice, like how to break in shoes before a trip, find doctor-approved comfort shoes, and use inserts to help the fit of a shoe. To be clear, I am not a podiatrist, but just a person who knows comfort when she feels it.

I recently bought a pair of rubber-soled, chunky heel, black leather boots that could not be returned, risking it all to find out they were a bit too large for me. After trying on several different pairs of thick socks with no luck at a better fit, I sought out the help of the internet for the best affordable shoe inserts for boots. And soon thereafter, I was floating on a cloud of sheepskin.

The insoles that have since altered the future of my feet come highly rated by Amazon and Nordstrom reviewers alike at a whopping 4.5 stars. UGG’s Genuine Sheepskin insoles are the definition of plush. The fur is backed by dual-density foam that is malleable to fit into any shoe and the shock-absorbent heel pod and layer of shearling cushion make these so comfortable they magically change any shoe into a warm house slipper. The thickness helps make my boots fit perfectly so if you are not in need of downsizing a shoe, I suggest ordering a slightly smaller insole.

If you are already aware of the level of pleasure in an UGG product, then you know the way these might feel. Before these insoles, I had been in the dark about the coziness on offer from the power of sheepskin. These insoles are the perfect addition to any shoe — whether it’s an UGG boot or a black leather, chunky-heeled boot like mine — so we can all be walking on clouds together.

To buy:, $20

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