‘The Voice’: DeAndre Breaks Silence After Adam Levine Controversy — ‘All Is Well On My End’

DeAndre Nico was eliminated from ‘The Voice’ after his coach, Adam Levine, advocated for another artist, Reagan Strange, over him. However, DeAndre seems to have no hard feelings. Here’s what he had to say.

Adam Levine caused quite a stir on the Dec. 4 episode of The Voice after he was left with two artists in jeopardy of going home…and he threw his support behind one, Reagan Strange, over the other, DeAndre Nico. Apparently, his speech worked, and Reagan was voted through, sending DeAndre home. Viewers were left shocked by Adam “throwing DeAndre under the bus,” but DeAndre is keeping his head held high after the elimination. He took to Instagram after being voted off and shared an inspiring message with his followers.

“You can never take an L when you’re operating from your heart,” DeAndre explained. “So even though I didn’t win I still won! The experience on The Voice itself is a win for me. I give all honor to God for giving me the exposure needed for my next steps in life. To my family, Voice family, and fans there’s no way I can personally thank all of you but I know that I love you all entirely. All is well on my end. My journey continues, now y’all get DeAndre Nico himself. There’s work to be done. Stay tuned.” DeAndre noticeably didn’t mention coach Adam by name in his message.

The reason the Maroon 5‘s push for Reagan was so controversial is because the teenager was sick during the live show on Dec. 4, and therefore unable to perform one last time to get ‘instantly saved.’ However, based on the rules, viewers were still allowed to vote for her. Adam urged fans to give Reagan another chance since she couldn’t sing for herself this time, which many people thought was extremely harsh to DeAndre.

After the episode, Twitter blew up with viewers slamming Adam for how he handled the situation, but the singer has yet to comment on the controversy. Reagan is his sole artist remaining in the competition.

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