The Real Reason Prince Harry Is a Better Person Since Marrying Meghan Markle

Before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle, he went through a bit
of a difficult time. Actually… it was more like a difficult life. The younger
son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana took his mom’s death hard and made more
than a few questionable decisions for years afterwards. Was his grief to blame?
It must have been part of it. But beyond just processing difficult emotions, Prince
Harry was also just the “black sheep” of the family.

Prince Harry was in the news all the time for all the wrong reasons. Drunken shenanigans, multiple girlfriends, wild parties, questionable Halloween costumes… there was a while when few people believed the young prince would ever settle down and get married. But then Prince Harry met Meghan Markle and just like that, everything changed.

For better or worse, Prince Harry is different since he got together with Meghan Markle. These are some ways an American actress made a British prince a better person.

Prince Harry is a feminist now

Working royal family members aren’t allowed to express their political beliefs in public. However, there is a bit of gray area, and it appears feminism falls into that category. Meghan Markle is outspoken about women’s rights and equality, and she’s gradually made her husband, Prince Harry, see the value in promoting these issues, too.

He’s looking more put together

Being a royal means automatically dressing better than most
average citizens. But ever since marrying his fashion-forward bride, the Duke
of Sussex has started dressing better than ever before. In this way, Meghan
Markle is an incredibly good influence.

Prince Harry does yoga

There are so many health benefits to incorporating a yoga
practice into your workout routine, including better flexibility and mental
clarity. Now that Meghan Markle has Prince Harry doing yoga, he’ll be enjoying all
those fantastic perks and building muscle tone at the same time. Namaste.

He’s eating healthier

Meghan Markle adheres to a healthy diet and ever since the two started dating and got married, Prince Harry has given up fast food burgers and booze in favor of more vegetables and other healthy choices. Rumor has it that Markle even cooks at home for both of them most nights.

And those cigarettes Prince Harry used to smoke? Those are gone too.

Prince Harry’s hard partying days are over

In a few months, Prince Harry will be home all the time helping to care for a newborn. But it won’t be that big of an adjustment – after all, he’s already given up the club scene and become a bit of a homebody with his wife Meghan Markle. While he used to be a frequent fixture at London hotspots, now he’s perfectly content to just stay home and hang out with his lovely wife.

He’s become very affectionate

Public displays of affection are looked down upon for royal
family members. Prince Harry abided by this rule with most of his girlfriends,
but he’s been seen breaking it for his wife, Meghan Markle. The two are
constantly touching each other.

It’s not just his wife that Prince Harry is showing
affection to – he’s also more likely to hug fans just like Meghan does. In
general, he’s become more physically affectionate.

He’s happier

Whether it’s smiling for the paparazzi (something he almost
never would have done before) or greeting adoring fans, it’s clear that Prince
Harry has a sunnier outlook that’s hard to deny. He’s so clearly happy and in with
his wife. It’s inspiring!

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