The Most Expensive Birkin Bags Inside Social Media Sensation Jeffree Star’s Collection

The cosmetics tycoon and YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star are renowned for his opulent lifestyle and love of designer clothing. The Birkin bag is one of his favorites among his assortment of luxury bags. Hermès designed this legendary handbag in 1984, and since then, it has become renowned for its exclusivity and high price, elevating it to prominence among the affluent.

Jeffree Star’s collection of Birkin bags is an extravagant display of riches, with each bag costing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this article, we’ll examine some of Jeffree Star’s most expensive Birkin handbags in more detail, as well as their estimated worth and distinguishing characteristics. Join us as we delve into Jeffree Star’s obsession with Birkin bags.

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8 Brown Togo Birkin – $15,000

It is made of Togo leather, renowned for its durability and scratch resistance. Thanks to its deep brown color and gold hardware, the bag is classy and elegant. Despite being the most affordable Birkin in Jeffree Star’s collection, it is a premium item for exclusivity and high-end style. For anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe, the Brown Togo Birkin is a functional and fashionable accessory that can be dressed up or down. Despite its relatively reduced price, collectors and fashion fans still highly seek this Birkin bag.

7 The Orange Swift Birkin – $16,000


Swift leather, used in this bag, is noted for its smooth texture and lightweight feel, making it a favored option among Birkin fans. This Birkin bag’s vibrant orange color is eye-catching and striking, making it a statement piece that adds a spark of color to any ensemble. The bag’s simplistic form is enhanced by gold hardware and a trademark lock, which lend a touch of elegance to the overall appearance. While the Orange Swift Birkin is not the most costly bag in Jeffree Star’s line, it is a rare luxury piece that epitomizes high-end design.

6 The Blue Jean Birkin – $17,000

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The name of this Birkin bag comes from the vivid blue color, which is suggestive of a pair of blue jeans. The bag is made of Togo leather, noted for its resilience and scratch resistance, making it a valuable and long-lasting investment. The Blue Jean Birkin is simple and traditional, with gold hardware and a distinctive lock for a hint of luxury. The bag’s big interior makes it ideal for everyday use, and its bright color adds a pop of color to any ensemble. Even though it is not the most costly bag in Jeffree Star’s collection, the Blue Jean Birkin is a sumptuous and sought-after item among fashionistas.

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5 The Black Jean Togo Birkin – $18,000

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This bag is constructed of Togo leather, noted for its durability and scratch resistance. The term Jean relates to its unusual denim-like texture, which gives it a more casual and relaxed vibe than some of the other Birkins. Because of the black hue, it has a traditional and versatile appearance, making it a popular choice for everyday use. The hardware is composed of palladium, a premium metal that looks great with black leather. The Black Jean Togo Birkin is a fashionable and functional solution for anyone looking for a more casual Birkin.

4 The Red Crocodile Birkin – $80,000

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This bag is made of high-quality crocodile skin and has a lively and eye-catching red color. The crocodile leather’s glossy texture adds an added element of luxury to the already high-end Birkin bag. The hardware is gold, which adds to the great appearance. Because of the scarcity of crocodile leather, this Birkin bag is in high demand and is expensive. The Red Crocodile Birkin is a daring statement piece that will turn heads.

3 The Fuchsia Crocodile Birkin – $125,000

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The crocodile leather’s glossy polish adds to its opulent appeal, while the gold hardware matches the brilliant hue perfectly. This Birkin bag is expensive due to the scarcity and high demand for crocodile leather. The Fuchsia Crocodile Birkin is a bright and unusual accessory ideal for adding color to your ensemble.

2 The Matte White Himalaya Birkin – $200,000

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This limited-edition purse is made of Niloticus crocodile leather and has a subtle gradient effect from white to grey. The palladium hardware updates this traditional purse, while the white tone makes it elegant and timeless. The Matte White Himalaya Birkin is a striking piece that attracts any fashionista’s eye. This Birkin bag is extremely expensive due to its scarcity and exclusivity.

1 Diamond Hermès Himalayan Birkin – $450,000

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This exquisite bag is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, valued at around $500,000. It’s made from rare and delicate Niloticus crocodile skin and has a stunning color gradient that transitions from pristine white to ethereal grey. The palladium hardware gives the bag’s otherwise classic shape a contemporary twist, and Hermes’ unmatched craftsmanship is shown in the handcrafted detailing and faultless stitching. Fashionistas and A-lister celebrities  lust after the Himalaya Birkin, a collector’s treasure that is truly a work of art. Possessing one of these priceless, unusual bags displays immense wealth and exquisite taste.

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