The Glitz & Glamour Of Elton John

Elton John has truly lived his life to the absolute fullest. He’s in constant motion, and everything that he ever thought to be unimaginable, unattainable, or impossible, seems to have come to fruition, tenfold. His impeccable skills as a musician are fueled by his innate ability to push his passion forward in an artistic way that his fans can both appreciate and understand. To say that Elton John is a legend living among us is an understatement by all accounts. His larger than life persona sparks energy into every room he enters, every stage he commands, and every heart he touches with his music. Elton John is a living expression of glitz and glamor, and he has had the most magical life experiences that truly make him one of the most remarkable people the industry has ever seen.

The Legend

Elton John’s iconic status as an artist in today’s society is undisputable. He has attained a level of worldwide fame and notoriety that can’t be matched, and at the age of 74, The Guardian reports that he is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

In fact, taking a magnifying glass to Elton John’s life will reveal that he has only just begun. His musical career started later in life. He came to the realization of his sexual orientation late in life. He had his children later in life… and in spite of entertaining the masses for decades, and receiving more accolades that we could possibly list, there’s so much more life for Elton John to live.

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Music Saved The Rocketman

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Comfortable and confident in his own skin, it’s hard to imagine that the flamboyant, expressive, talented star dressed in colorful costumes was ever a shy boy, but he was. Elton John admits to struggling with confidence as a young child. He was the product of a very toxic household in which his father was cold, detached, and demanding, and his mother would battle him head on when he attempted to interfere with child rearing.

At a young age, Elton John learned that being reclusive and throwing himself into music and song writing was a therapeutic outlet that would help him tune out the war within his home.

Music saved the Rocketman. After many attempts at establishing his career, he soon found success in the music industry, and as kept propelling upwards since then.

A Charmed Life

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Elton John has lived a very charmed life, and that wasn’t something that happened by chance. After developing his own sense of style and sense of self, he went on to become one of the most expressive artists of our time, and as a person, he made sure he lived his life to the fullest.

He truly lived the life of a famous musician to the fullest. After establishing his name as a famed musician and experiencing years of later focused music production to reach fame, he realized he had made it to the top and began to engage in the party scene.

Quickly becoming addicted to cocaine, and the social scene that it embraced, Elton John became known to freely indulge in sex, drugs, and elaborate partying. In fact, when the time came for his Rocketman biopic to be created, The Guardian quotes Elton John as saying; “They wanted to tone down the sex and drugs. But I haven’t led a PG-13 life.”

Just A Few Snippets Of Fun

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Elton John has seized life by the horns and has truly enjoyed the ride. His experiences are extraordinary, and plentiful.

Panmacmillan reports that “by the age of twenty-three he was performing his first gig in America, and success led to friendships with John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and George Michael.” Packing some serious celebrity punch, these were the first of many high profile friends he would make, and keep. The adventures were just beginning.

Sir Elton John is knighted, for one. It’s hard to even come close to that status. He’s one of just 18 celebrities in the world that have received this incredible honor.

One of the best examples to highlight his incredible experiences is a story he once shared about playing charades with none other than Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan. The group partied so hard that the next morning Elton John was informed that he had spent the evening throwing oranges at Bob Dylan, and dragging him for being completely inadequate at playing charades.

Elton John also happens to have a playfully funny relationship with Rod Stewart. In fact, the two have been pranking one another for years. Elton John is quoted as saying; “‘We’ve spent nearly fifty years constantly taking the piss out of, and trying to put one over, each other.” They’ve engaged in sabotaging one another’s advertisements and calling each other by their drag names, and everything in between.

It would be impossible to tell a tale about Elton John without talking about his costumes. He’s notorious for being unapologetically true to himself in every way, and isn’t afraid to take his costuming to the next level. He once appeared on stage for an encore in an oversized duck costume and couldn’t stop laughing long enough to produce the music for the encore he had come out for.

The Glitz

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Relishing in his current net worth of $500 million, Elton John lives a life of luxury. Glitz and glamor follow him at every turn, and he floats between his many multi-million dollar mansions located from Beverly Hills to France, in pursuit of more adventures with his loved ones.

His love for cars has led to an extensive collection of priceless antiques such as his 1956 Bentley Continental, as well as a variety of supercars that never fail to provide the rush of adrenaline that he thrives on.

Sir Elton John remains married to David Furnish, and they share two children together named Elihah and Zachary. He has traveled the world, lived in the lap of luxury, pursued every dream with ferocious tenacity, and has maintained a group of celebrity friends that reads like the who’s-who of Hollywood fame.

Elton John continues to thrive on living each day to the fullest, and is the mastermind of his own successful life and career. Millions of fans across the globe are mesmerized by him and as a hero and idol to his worldwide audience, Sir Elton John never disappoints.

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