The Craft Spoilers: Cast Spills on THAT Cameo from OG Star (Exclusive)

“It would be amazing to continue this story,” Cailee Spaeny tells TooFab.

Now that “The Craft: Legacy” has had the weekend to breathe, we’re no longer bound from talking spoilers. And there’s a BIG one we need to address.

While any sequel will likely depend on the success of “Legacy,” the new movie opens the door to more films — ones which could have a greater presence from the original movie’s stars … or, one of them, at least.

Near the end of the film, star Cailee Spaeny’s character, Lily, finds out she was actually adopted and her powers were passed down to her by her birth mom. In the very last scene, Lily tracks her mother down to a mental institution, where Fairuza Balk’s Nancy Downs has apparently been since the events of the first film.

Yes, she’s the daughter of that Nancy.

“I just wish I could see everyone’s faces while they’re watching this at home when Fairuza pops up,” Spaeny told TooFab of the big reveal. “I hope they have the same reaction I felt when I read it.”

The actress hopes they can keep the series going and possibly fold even more OGs into the fold.

“It would be amazing to continue this story and to bring the original girls all of them back into the storyline, somehow,” she added. “I think that would be pretty magical, but we’ll see.”

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“I feel like it honestly could do so much,” costar Zoey Luna said of a possible sequel, “and it could tell a really cool story … but I mean you guys at home just have to watch the movie and theorize once it comes out. Maybe we should hear some theories!”

In addition to Balk, the original film starred Robin Tunney, Rachel True and Neve Campbell in central, witchy roles.

“The Craft: Legacy” is available on VOD now.

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