The best rums to try on National Rum Day

Rum, along with tequila, is the only spirit which actually tastes nice.

Quite frankly, whiskey, vodka and gin are not fit to lace up rum’s boots. They don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath.

Is this merely the subjective opinion of one writer? Nope – it’s simple fact.

And to prove it, because it’s National Rum day, here are some of the most delicious rums available to buy in the UK.

Angostura Single Barrel Reserva

Made by the same Trinidadian and Tobagan company which produces Angosturra bitters, this is one of the oldest and most prestigious rums on the market.

Aged in individual oak barrels, it has a mellow taste with hints of dried fruit.

It would be an ideal drink for lounging on a deck chair in a ‘city beach’ in a British city, trying to ignore the fact that you’re basically just sitting on a patch of sand outside Boot’s, and it’s starting to drizzle.


Sea Wolf White Rum

When we think of rum, the azure skies and golden sands of the Caribbean are usually what spring to mind.

We probably don’t think about rainy, wind-swept Scotland – but that’s exactly where Sea Wolf is distilled. Launched in 2016, the brand has already established itself as one of the most covetable boutique rums made in the UK.

As co-founder Mike Aikman says: ‘Unlike gin, which we feel is reaching saturation point in the market, British rum is about to have its time in the spotlight.’

Its name is derived from a Native American term for killer whales, which is reflected in the elegant bottle design.


Mount Gay

Another Caribbean classic, Mount Gay is the oldest rum distillery in the world, having been around for a staggering 316 years. That’s older than the USA.

Ironically, the rum, along with the area in which it was brewed, was originally owned by a guy called John Sober. Presumably John Piss-head was taken.

The rum has a rich, complex flavor with hints of vanilla, apricot and banana. It’s a pretty traditional choice, but, no ‘best rums’ list would be complete without it.


Dead Man’s Fingers – Hemp Rum

From the traditional to the unconventional. Based in St Ives, Cornwall (which, if not Caribbean, at least has a pirate-y vibe), Dead Man’s Fingers make a point of using unusual flavours, such as Cornish saffron cake and coffee.

They have recently released a rum made with hemp and CBD.

This won’t get you stoned (although CBD is said to have relaxing properties) but, with grassy, herbal notes, it does taste delicious. And it will get you drunk.

Rather than being a pirate reference, ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ actually refers to the gills inside of a crab. Mouth-watering stuff.


Pirate’s Grog – Five Year Aged Rum

Distilled in trendy Tottenham Hale (it’s the new Peckam, dontcha know) Pirate’s Grog is the brain child of two British travelers, inspired by their time spent in Roatán – an island off Honduras.

Aged for five years in oak cask, Pirate’s Grog Five Year offers a fresh twist on traditional Caribbean rum, with notes of vanilla, butterscotch and raisin.

As well as this, they distill a range of other boutique rums, including their recently released ‘Spiced’, and ‘Black Ei8ht Coffee Rum’.

The Salford Rum Company

At first glance, Salford seems like an unlikely place in which to distill rum. It’s a city better suited to listening to Joy Division in the rain than sipping mojitos out of a coconut.

But, actually, it kind of makes sense: the Salford Rum Company celebrates the city’s history as the third largest port in the UK, where many Caribbean rums and spices landed.

The rum itself has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, while the distinctive bottle illustration is drawn by Mancunian artist Dave Draws. This year, they released a limited edition gay pride rum.

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