Teen told mum he wanted to donate organs months before he died playing football

Organs from a boy who was killed playing football were transplanted into four patients including a baby.

The parents of the little girl have written to the family of tragic 14-year-old Luca Campanaro to thank them.

The baby’s mum said: “My heart is bursting with gratitude. You and your son have given me the gift I thought only God could give.”

The tot had severe liver problems. Luca’s organs also gave a chance of life to a man, a teenager and a mystery recipient.

Luca’s mum Joanne, 40, said: “It has helped me knowing Luca has helped other people.”

She has also revealed the schoolboy told her of his consent to be an organ donor just three months before he died.

Joanne, who has MS, said: “It was a random conversation and not for one second did I think I would have to go back to it.”

Seven months on from her son’s death, Joanne is speaking out to persuade other families to discuss organ donation.

She said: “When your child has died your world has been shattered…

“I don’t know if I could have made the same decision without having spoken to Luca.

“Have the conversation, because the unthinkable can happen.”

Joanne, who is separated from Luca’s dad Americo, 41, was watching when Luca suffered the fatal neck injury in an accidental collision during a game in December in Hillingdon, West London.

The goalie, of Aylesbury, Bucks, trained with Watford FC’s academy and dreamed of playing in the Premier League, an inquest was told yesterday.

It was also heard that scans showed he died due to a brain haemorrhage and damaged neck artery.

Luca’s grandad Gerard Conroy, who was also at the match, was an RAF nurse for 40 years and ran on to the pitch to help the lad. Gerard told the inquest in Fulham, West London: “I blame myself for not being able to save my grandson.”

But Assistant Coroner Dr Sean Cummings said it “wasn’t salvageable”, adding it was a “freak accident”.

Dr Cummings recorded a verdict of accidental death.

From 2020 all adults in England will be classed as having agreed to be organ donors unless they opt out.

The legislation is a major victory for the Mirror’s Change the Law for Life campaign.

An opt-out system is in place in Wales, and has been voted through in Scotland.

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