Teen slams trolls who accuse her of ‘Photoshopping’ extreme hourglass figure

A teen was accused of ‘Photoshopping’ her body after flaunting her enviable hourglass figure.

Tatiana Fleming Smith, from Surrey, has gone viral on TikTok for her teeny waist and curvaceous hips.

Millions of people praised the 17-year-old for her dedication to fitness as she did an ab workout every day during lockdown.

After not being able to even do a crunch, Tatiana is now fit as a fiddle thanks to her own determination and motivation from her 45-year-old mum Pandora.

The mother-daughter duo quickly fell in love with working out together – and the pair even dress the same and are often called ‘twins’.

Tatiana has built up an impressive 20,000 followers who are eager to learn the ways to her envy-worthy hourglass shape – but that does not come without some negativity online.

Exclusively, Tatiana has spilled the secrets to her amazing body – and thanks her mum for spurring her on.

She explained: “I never used to have it [my figure] – but during lockdown, my mum and I did Pamela Reif’s 10-minute ab workout every day and I started seeing results.

“Once I really got into working out, I started to develop my own routines (which I have started to post on TikTok), which really slimmed down my waist and gave me my hourglass figure.

“My mum is also a health freak, so in the first lockdown she got me really into healthy eating, so I changed my diet too.”

But, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing in the beginning.

Tatiana confessed: “At first, she did have to give me a bit of encouragement to do workouts because I never used to work out, but I am SO glad she did.

“I fell in love with working out quite quickly and really enjoyed (and looked forward to) working out with her.

“Working out has really helped my mental health and obviously my physical well-being too which makes it so important to me.”

Although she has improved her mental and physical health, Tatiana’s comment section has been clogged with trolls who claim that her body is not real.

The teen has reassured that her figure is not the creation of a photo editing suite but from her hard work.

Tatiana shared: “I have received a bit of hate – people saying how they don’t like my figure, and more annoyingly people saying I Photoshop my figure, which I definitely don’t!”

Thankfully, the stunner has not let the haters drag her down.

“To be honest with you it doesn’t really affect me because everyone is entitled to their options and my figure makes me happy and confident because I know that I have worked hard for it.

“So I don’t really care what anyone has to say.”

Now she has cleared up that her figure is in fact hers, Tatiana has shared how others can achieve a similar body shape.

She encouraged: “I would say to others looking to achieve a similar body goal to be patient with working out as it takes a while to see the desired results (it took me a year to fully achieve my figure).

“I would also say to not give up at the start because the first month is the hardest, and then after that, you will start seeing more and more results whilst feeling good too.”

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