Tattooed woman blasts trolls who say she will never get job with hand inkings

Nowadays tattoos are more socially accepted than they used to be.

However, an inked babe has revealed the negative remarks she received about her body because she has tattoos – she was even told she will not get a job.

Josie Man, who is a musician, has taken to TikTok to slam the comments made about her choice to get inked.

In a clip that has now racked up 25,000 views, the stunner danced on the spot as she mimed an audio that said: “Heard it all a million times.”

Josie then shared a handful of the criticisms made towards her.

“Yeah but I think about how belly tattoos gonna look after having a baby,” the hater sneered.

The blonde beauty responded: “I’d rather a stretched tattooed belly.”

But the rude remarks did not stop there, Josie shared another comment made regarding her tattoos.

“Will you like those tattoos when you're old though?,” the troll jibed.

The musician then hit back: “Old people with tattoos are gorgeous goals and I can’t wait to be a cute grandma with tattoos.”

Josie then shared one more insult targeted towards her: “You won’t get a job with those hand tattoos.”

Despite the accusation, Josie explained: “I have a job with those tattooed hands.”

As she donned a black halter neck bikini top that cheekily revealed her underboob, the musician gave a tattoo tour.

On Josie’s torso, she showcased two large symmetrical fairy-like tattoos that had a pair of boobs.

Josie then pulled up her white shorts that exposed a huge tiger tattoo inked on the whole of the front of her thigh, she also showcased a large piece on her back.

She also has smaller body art on the palm and top of her hands on her forearms, fingers, ears and the back of her calves.

However, not everyone was not critical about Josie’s tattoos as many fled to the comments to gush over her inkings.

One person commented: “Slayed.”

Another user gushed: “The tiger on your leg is my absolute fave.”

While a third person penned: “So efficient and yet so graceful.”

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