Tattooed model baffles fans after ‘accidentally wetting herself’ during inking

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    A heavily-inked model stunned fans after claiming she "accidentally peed" on the tattoo artist's table mid-inking.

    OnlyFans model Angela Mazzanti went viral after sharing a clip of herself getting up from a tattoo artist's table – leaving behind soaked paper towels.

    The stunned tattoo artist, Kareem Masarani, looked at her as she stood with her hand over her mouth, which was open in shock.

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    The 31-year-old, from Los Angeles, US, claimed that she "peed herself" during her appointment – leaving fans howling with laughter.

    In the comedic video, which has gained more than 1millon likes, Angela wrote: "When you accidentally pee yourself during a tattoo."

    "Oops…. Sorry," she added in the caption.

    TikTok viewers were left flabbergasted by the clip as they took to the comments to poke fun at the social media skit.

    One user said: "I mean happens to the best of us right?"

    Another added: "That's funny."

    A third commented: "With my first tattoo I sweated soooo much the table looked like that and I felt super embarrassed! My artist was super chill about it tho." [sic]

    "I would pay and never come back again even if I have to walk around with a half-finished tattoo," a fourth wrote.

    The news comes after Britain's most tattooed woman Becky Holt shocked her fans with an up-close and personal video of her latest vaginal inking.

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    The 34-year-old, who is often described as 'Britain's most tattooed woman’, rose to fame after forking out £35,000 to cover 95% of her body in ink in a "tattoo bodysuit".

    She has even gone as far as having her labia tattooed – and now believes she has the 'world's most tattooed' private area.

    She has a skull inking down there but hasn't given many more details on her intimate body art until now.


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