Target’s New $10 Wines, The Collection, Will Be Your Go-To Sips In Spring & Summer

Target’s store brand items never fail to blow me away, from their tasty selection of snacks, to stylish clothes, and — most importantly — their delectable bottles of wines. As of recently, I’ve had my eye on their newest line of wines called The Collection. It includes an incredibly wide variety of wines, each bottle looks straight-up delicious, and one will only cost you a tenner. So if you haven’t already taken a look at Target’s new $10 wines, The Collection, they’re the perfect blends for any dinner date, evening in, or girl’s night out. Oh, and I should probably mention each and every one is about to be your new summer sip.

In just a few short weeks on March 3, Target will release their new line of store brand wines known as The Collection. According to Target, each bottle consists of meticulously harvested grapes which come from a super sustainable and family farmed winery. You will be able to choose from five gorgeous wines that only cost $9.99 each, including: Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Wine Blend, Rosé, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. It basically goes without saying I plan on trying all five as soon as I possibly can, because $50 for five bottles of delicious wine is a total steal, if you ask me.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Collection’s one and only Cab, according to Target, has decadent notes of black cherry and spice. It’s dark, dense, and it’s essentially your ideal accompaniment to a feast, pairing impeccably with a hearty piece of meat or alongside a dark chocolate dessert.

Red Wine Blend

On the other hand, if you’re planning on staying in and cozying up, The Collection’s Red Wine Blend is totally up your alley. According to Target, this full-bodied bottle contains deep hints of mocha, caramel, blackberry and dark chocolate. My sweet tooth is going bananas right about now.


If you’re anything like I am, you’re probably seeking out a sip that tastes like summer. And if that’s the case, look no further than The Collection’s Rosé. According to Target, it evokes a light taste of summer flowers, roses, strawberries, and watermelon. Sounds heavenly, TBH.

Pinot Grigio

Perfect for that Easter gathering or May Day celebration, The Collection’s Pinot Grigio is fun, light, and delightfully fruity. According to Target, it contains notes of honeysuckle, melon, white peach, and nectarine, and between you and me, this medium-bodied, crisp sip is truly all I ever want.


Maybe your summers consist of camping trips, hiking excursions, and late night bonfires on the beach. If that’s how you define "summer" The Collection’s Chardonnay was basically made for you. According to Target, this bottle of red has subtle hints of roasted marshmallow, and notes of buttery biscuits. Honestly, though, any bottle that goes well with a s’more is my kind of bottle.

Whether you love a full-bodied red, a light and fruity white, or an undeniably fun rosé, The Collection seems to offer something for everyone. Plus, these bottles are giving me major summer vibes, and I can’t wait to sip these in the sunshine. The warm weather seriously could not come sooner.

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