Swimming pools reopen: When are swimming pools going to open?

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has announced further easing of lockdown measures on Thursday, July 9. For those hoping to return to the gym and sports centres, the Government has now announced dates when these businesses can reopen.

When will swimming pools reopen?

Swimming pools, along with other sports centres, closed at the start of the UK lockdown in March.

And after the Government recently allowed non-essential shops and hospitality businesses to reopen, many have wondered when sports centres would be allowed to reopen.

Outdoor swimming pools in England will begin reopening from Saturday, July 11, Mr Dowden has announced.

Indoor pools, gyms and other sports facilities will also be allowed to open again on July 25.

At the press conference Mr Dowden stressed how the Government has encouraged people to stay active, even at the very start of the lockdown.


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But now gyms will be allowed to reopen very soon, the message is the same, and Mr Dowden has asked people to “work out to help out”.

He told the Downing Street press conference: “I’m really urging people to get out there and to play their part: buy the tickets for outdoor plays and musical recitals, get to your local gallery and support your local businesses.

“Our fight began with a collective effort and I really hope it will end with one. At the beginning we all stayed at home to protect the NHS and save lives, now the British public has a new part to play. It’s time to eat out to help out, to enjoy the arts to help out and to work out to help out.

“It’s over to all of you to help the country recover safely.”

What else will now be allowed to reopen?

At the current time, music venues and theatres remain closed, as do a number of businesses in the UK beauty sector.

However as of this weekend, actors and dancers will be allowed to perform for audiences in outdoor spaces.

From July 11 theatres will also be allowed to reopen for outdoor performances.


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Mr Dowden said in a statement: “Our culture, heritage and arts are too precious to lose. That’s why we’re protecting venues like theatres from redevelopment if they fall on hard times.

“We are also giving further clarity on restart dates in our roadmap back to performance. From July 11 we can all enjoy performances outdoors with social distancing and we are working hard to get indoor audiences back as soon as we safely can, following pilots.”

Beauticians, tattooists and tanning salons will also be allowed to reopen from Monday.

Mr Dowden told the Downing Street press conference: “Having allowed hairdressers to reopen, beauticians, tattooists, spas, tanning salons and other close contact services can now do the same, I’m pleased to say, from Monday.

“Of course that will be subject to some restrictions on particularly high-risk services.”

Although gyms will be allowed to reopen, Mr Dowden has said gyms will need to operate timed bookings for people who wish to use the premises.

Class sizes at gyms will also have to be much smaller than usual to allow for social distancing.

All businesses which will be allowed to reopen soon will have to follow updated Government guidance on how to reopen safely.

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