Stag do turned airport into ‘rowdy karaoke bar’ before two-hour Ryanair flight

Holidaymakers claim a British stag do turned an airport departure lounge into a "rowdy karaoke bar" minutes before boarding a Ryanair flight to Spain.

Video footage shows the large group of men singing, dancing and playing loud music as they blasted out renditions of pop classics Delilah and Sweet Caroline.

The incident happened at Bristol Airport as travellers waited before embarking on a two-hour flight to Alicante, Spain.

Passengers also claim they took the party atmosphere onto the plane for the duration of the trip, Bristol Live reported .

A 58-year-old passenger who filmed the "uncontrollable" party animals described it as "the flight from hell".

Staff told her there was nothing they could do about the groups' behaviour, she claims.

The woman, a lecturer from Bristol, said: “We were afraid and no one was doing anything to stop them.

“It was intimidating and utter chaos. The staff just did nothing to contain them.

“They should not have been allowed to board the flight after acting like that.

“It was like they thought they were in a private nightclub or a rowdy karaoke bar.”

The woman was travelling to Alicante last Thursday (July 4) with her husband for a month-long summer break in Spain.

She says the group’s singing and dancing lasted for around 20 minutes while more than 100 people waited to board the plane.

“Quite a few of us were alarmed by it," she said.

"I asked the girl at the check-in to do something but she said she can’t.

“No one did anything and getting on the plane was chaos.”

Her video footage shows the group – some in fancy dress – chanting and singing loudly whilst dancing in the departure lounge.

“Why should people have to put up with that?" she said.

“It was incredibly disrespectful and they had no regard for how other people might have felt.”

She added how the stag do went on to cause further disruption during the flight.

“The cabin crew struggled to contain them on the plane too. They were in and out of their seats, shouting at one and other and swearing.

“A lot of people were concerned and troubled by it. No one could relax at all. It was the flight from hell.

“It was awful. I don’t agree with the decision to let them on the flight in the first place. It wasn’t an enjoyable flight.”

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