Spoilers: Shock death hits Neighbours

It’s a deadly week for the locals in Neighbours with Ned and Yashvi’s outlook seeming bleak and news of a death hitting the locals.

As if the horror of the bloodbath wasn’t enough for them to cope with, a simple phone call is set to leave devastation in its wake.

Susan arrives back from London to provide support to Finn and Elly as they face an anxious wait for news of Shaun. Finn grows more concerned about Elly and her refusal to believe the worst.

But then Finn gets the one phone call no one ever wants to receive – Claudia breaks it to him that Shaun has been confirmed as dead.

Finn is devastated to have lost his brother, but Elly still refuses to hear the truth. Her denial is set to be even more damaging when she suddenly disappears.

A grieving Finn suddenly finds himself on a race to find pregnant Elly before something terrible happens.

He reaches her just in time and she finally starts to accept the truth. The two are finally able to share their grief.  They are both utterly devastated as Elly realises what this means for her child’s future. Bea attempts to try to help her sister in her bereavement but ends up making her more upset.

To make up for it she arranges a memorial service for Shaun by the lake. Elly and Finn are touched. Is Elly starting to accept that Shaun has gone forever?

Scenes air from Monday 28th October at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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