SNL: ‘Donald Trump’ Says Getting A Wall Is Such An Emergency He Has To Go Play In Mar-A-Lago

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump tried defending his need for a border wall on ‘SNL’! Watch the latest cold open right here!

Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump in Feb. 16 episode of SNL, and aside from sounding like he had a bit of a cold, he killed it. Touting his latest physical exam, Donald described himself as “6 foot 7, 185 pounds, completely shredded.” Later he talked about his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un, who he labeled as a “cool, misunderstood guy.” Eventually, he got to the main topic at hand, by declaring, “We need wall.” After saying, “Wall works, Wall makes sense,” Alec’s Donald admitted, “I’m basically taking military money so I can has Wall.” Another highlight included Donald introducing newly appointed Attorney General William Barr as a “Dead Man Walking.” However, the best part of the sketch involved Donald going head to head against Jim Acosta, who brought up the exaggerated numbers the White House has used to justify the National emergency. In response, Donald responded, “Oh my God Jim those numbers are faker than this emergency.” He also tried suggesting that the Wall was such an emergency he had to go play golf in Mar-a-Lago. Check out the cold open below!

Meanwhile, on last week’s episode, Meet the PressChuck Todd (portrayed by Kyle Mooney) was singularly obsessed with one thing: Jeff Bezos‘ d*** pics. He started off asking his panel of reporters, “You’re all highly respected journalists, so when all is said and done, what do you think Jeff Bezos’ penis is gonna look like?” The sketch also featured some alternatives to the “New York Post” headline covering the story: “Your Amazon Package Is On Its Way” and “Stroke of Genius: Bezos Gives Pecker The Shaft.”

And in the episode before that, Steve Martin appeared as a giddy Roger Stone while making an appearance on Tucker Carlson‘s talk show. Barely containing his unbridled enthusiasm, Steve shouted “I’m loving the ride, go Nixon!” Of course, by the end of it, Martin’s Stone tried to turn a simple question into a not-so-subtle demand for Donald Trump: “Pardon me.”

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest SNL sketches. In the meantime, check out all of the most recent photos from this past season together.

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