Sisters attacked me saying I cannot look after our dead dad's cats

DEAR DEIDRE: I LOST my dad to cancer last year and my sisters have been a nightmare since.

When he got really sick two years ago, I moved back in with him to help care for him. I’m 28.

Just before he passed, he shared a dying wish – for me to take care of his two cats.

I felt incredibly lucky he’d chosen me to look after his pets, so I agreed.

When he died last March, I brought them back to my London flat.

But it’s been a struggle. They’ve wrecked my furniture and regularly go missing for days.

When my two sisters, both 32, came to visit, they couldn’t help themselves and spent an hour telling me how awful I was with the cats.

They even questioned whether I cared for Dad properly because I clearly couldn’t handle his cats.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your dad’s cats obviously remind your sisters of him, so they are particularly invested when it comes to their care.

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If you are a little lost, contact the RSPCA (, 0300 1234 999), which can advise on how to help the cats settle better into their new home.

In terms of your sisters’ comments, it sounds like they have hit the anger stage of grief and have directed this at you.

I am sending you my support pack Coping With Bereavement to help you understand how losing your father might have affected all of you.

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