Simple fuel pump hack helps drivers save money on petrol each time they fill up

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At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, petrol prices dropped to its "lowest level in four years".

But now since the demand for petrol and diesel has increased, prices are going back up again.

Fortunately there is a simple tip which could help motorists save a fortune on fuel costs.

It will also prevent road users from accidentally going over their fuel allowance at the pump too.

Motorists can just programme a limit on how much fuel to put in their cars before even lifting the nozzle.

Just press the number 10 or number 1 key on a pump to set a limit on how much to spend.

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The little trick helps drivers who may only have a certain amount of money on them to watch their spendings at the pump.

It can also prevent road users from accidentally forgetting how long they have filled up for before realising the tank is overfilled.

Once a number is programmed on the pump, drivers can decide how much they would like to spend.

Petrol prices can vary between regions with the Forecourt Trader revealing that unleaded costs changed by up to 4p across the UK.

Sharing it on social media, the savvy trick was posted on Twitter which gained a lot of attention from other motorists.

The user shared an image from a Tesco forecourt where a sticker explained how road users could set a limit.

It read: "Before you lift the nozzle, tell the pump exactly how much you want to put in and it will stop for you."

However not all petrol stations have this so it's important for drivers to keep an eye out before spending more than they can afford.

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