Sickening photos show homes of ‘tenants from hell’ – including poo in bath

These sickening photos show the horrific states ‘tenants from hell’ left their homes in – from smashed windows to a bath stained with poo.

The shocking images also capture gardens strewn with rubbish, walls with huge cracks, and bathrooms left in stomach-churning conditions.

They have been dubbed the "worst messes left by tenants".

Frustrated landlords told Mirror Online they have become fed up with dealing with unpleasant horrors left by some tenants.

And one even admitted a bath had been left full of faeces in a particularly filthy property.

Melissa Vickery, who rented out a three-bedroom property in Reading, Berkshire, was sickened to find the house "completely and utterly destroyed" in February this year.

The chartered accountant, 37, told us: "The house was completely and utterly destroyed. I was really stunned by what I saw.

"Rooms were full of rubbish. The washing machine was broken, the fridge was broken. Everything was butchered."

Another landlord told Mirror Online said: "They were the tenants from hell. There was mess everywhere, it was horrendous.

"It was uninhabitable, they had shown no respect at all."

The photographs were initially submitted to a playful competition to find the ultimate "tenant from hell".

However, the home interiors firm behind the contest axed it last month – because of "a few complaints".

Landlords from across the UK had sent images of the most disgusting messes left behind by tenants, with a £500 prize up for grabs.

The snaps were shared online on the competition’s website.

Melissa, who also sent her pictures into Mirror Online, added: "The tenants had been there for about two years, maybe more. I visited the property as they were having problems with the boiler.

"Someone had butchered the boiler, they were smoking marijuana in the house and the house was in a really terrible state."

"The house has three bedrooms but there were 10 mattresses in the house. They had also accessed the loft, which we told them was unsafe to access.

"There was lots of damp everywhere. There was grease everywhere in the kitchen. The bathroom was filthy.

"We had to fumigate the property to remove all the bedbugs. We had to get skips outside the property to remove all the rubbish."

Melissa, from Ruislip, west London, had to fork out around £10,000 to repair all the damages but decided against legal action.

She said she’s now been put off renting out properties in the future.

And images of other homes show broken windows, front rooms full of rubbish and bedrooms with mounds of litter piled across the floor.

Some depict broken sinks and piping, while others show the revolting states of bathrooms, which clearly hadn’t been cleaned in months.

In one vile picture, a bathtub can be seen stained with faeces.

Mirror Online, at the time of writing, was yet to identify the landlord who submitted this shocking photo.

However, another landlord from the West Midlands told how tenants destroyed furniture and walls, leaving his flat "uninhabitable".

The man, who did not want to be named, said: "They were the tenants from hell. There was mess everywhere, it was horrendous.

"It was uninhabitable, they had shown no respect at all.

"It looked like someone had punched or kicked the doors, it was that bad. There were holes in them, some so deep you could see straight through to the other side.

"I was furious. You put your trust into these people and then this happens. Landlords need to be so careful about who they choose to rent their properties out to, or if they should in the first place really."

A representative for the interior design competition had originally said: "We’ve all probably seen and heard horror stories about this kind of thing, but it’ll be interesting to see what the reality looks like.

"Cleaning up at the end of a tenancy can be an unpleasant job for landlords, so this competition is just a bit of fun – especially for one lucky winner who gets to take home a £500 prize for their troubles."

However, after a "few complaints" were made to the competition team, the decision was made to pull it in November.

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