Sick workers playing whack-a-rat with live animals laugh as they club them

Horrific video has emerged of sick workers playing whack-a-rat with real live animals – which they club to death as the rodents tried to flee.

In the disgusting clip, the hi-vis clothed workers kick the squealing rats in the air and batter them with blunt instruments for more than a minute.

The brutal video was shared across social media yesterday – but it remains unclear where or when in the UK the footage was filmed.

A laughing bystander can be heard as they film the "game" which begins by showing the workers lined up and waiting for the rats to emerge.

After a digger picks up a large chunk of debris from the rubbish pile, the first of the desperate rats bolts from underneath, trying to flee.

As this first rat desperately tries to run away, a worker yells: “There’s one! Get him!”

The workers immediately start violently clubbing the rats to death with their wooden poles and one worker even kicks a rodent into the air, as the cameraman cackles in glee at the sight.

More rats continue to run and the laughing workers batter the rodents with their sticks and take turns to kick them.

At one point, several sniggering workers gather around one squealing rodent and proceed to pummel the rat with their sticks until it lies lifeless.

The chuckling workers even chase the rats out of the warehouse to mercilessly kill them.

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