Shoppers left shocked by Aldi's rude-looking marshmallow Easter treats

‘Sorry, Aldi, but that ain’t a bunny!’ Shoppers are left shocked by budget supermarket’s VERY rude-looking £1.19 marshmallow Easter treats

  • Aldi’s Dominion range marshmallows supposed to look like chicks and bunnies
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A range of Easter-themed marshmallows on sale in Aldi have left social media users tittering – because they look like something very different. 

Twitter user @missviaborsi, who lives in Manchester, shared a photo from her shopping trolley while she was in the budget supermarket last week, showing the £1.19 yellow packet of treats – which appeared to look nothing like the bunnies and chicks they were supposed to. 

She tweeted: ‘Sorry Aldi, but that ain’t a bunny’, sharing a snap of the yellow and pink sweets looking much more like a part of the male anatomy. 

@missviaborsi’s post has now been viewed more than 42,000 times. 

A flurry of other tweets followed, until eventually Aldi waded it with a response too, admitting that the candy did look rather rude. 

Twitter user @missviaborsi, who lives in Manchester, shared a photo of Aldi’s marshmallow chicks and bunnies, currently on sale in the store for £1.19, suggesting the candy looked like something else

An employee wrote on the German supermarket brand’s Twitter account ‘We can’t even defend this one’.

Jokes galore were also unleashed; @techsnap82 wrote: ‘Does rhyme with “chick” though’.

@LHayneTweets added: ‘I’d love to think that everyone noticed this apart from the person in charge, and they all mutually agreed not to say anything.’

Another user, @tired1967, didn’t see the funny side, suggesting that the packet, which is clearly targeting a younger audience with its colour scheme, was ‘obscene’.  

It’s not the first time Easter-themed snacks have caused a stir this week. On Sunday, it was revealed that Greggs wouldn’t be bringing back its hot cross buns this year. 

The popular bakery chain has axed Easter confection from its menu, meaning you won’t be able to get your Good Friday treat with your steak bake or sausage roll this year. 

The treats, part of the Dominion range, come in 150 gram packets and are supposed to be marshmallows shaped like bunnies and chicks

Although, Greggs has said that there will be other seasonal products available, outrage and debate has still ensued on Twitter. 

A Greggs spokesperson said: ‘While Hot Cross Buns won’t be returning to our menu this Easter, keep an eye out for other Easter favourites that will be arriving in our shops soon.’ 

However, they didn’t reveal the specific products that would be available this Easter, previous ranges have included spring-time chocolate cornflake nests and iced bunny biscuits. 

Popular bakery chain Greggs has announced that it won’t be selling hot cross buns this year for Easter 

This is the second year that Greggs has decided to axe hot cross buns from its Easter menu. However, it promises that there will still be seasonal treats available 

The decision to abandon the humble hot cross bun marks the second year of its absence on Greggs’ shelves, where you could previously get a pack of four for as little as £1. 

Customers have taken to Twitter to share their upset about the decision from the bakery chain. 

Last year one user posted: ‘@GreggsOfficial no Hot Cross Buns this year! Are you crazy?! Not happy! Please change your minds! #Greggs #hotcrossbuns’

This year one annoyed customer said: ‘No Hot Cross Buns? No Greggs. Simples’

While another suggested: ‘Waitrose has plenty of hot cross buns. Who owns Greggs?

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