Shoppers go wild for Aldi's giant pig-in-blanket Yorkshire pudding

Going the whole hog! Customers go wild for Aldi’s £4.99 giant Yorkshire pudding stuffed with a TWO FOOT long pig-in-blanket

  • Aldi’s Giant Yorkshire with Pig in Blanket will go on sale in stores on Thursday
  • The dish features a Yorkshire pudding stuffed with a two-foot pig in blanket
  • Shoppers cannot wait to buy the dish which costs £4.99 and weighs 380g
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Aldi has gone the whole hog this year with its Christmas range, including a two-foot long pig-in-blanket coiled inside a Yorkshire pudding.

The Giant Yorkshire with Pig in Blanket, on sale for £4.99, is created using British Pork and weighs 380g. It will be on supermarket shelves on Thursday 15 December.

After hearing the news of the supermarket giant’s Christmas release, customers took to social media to share their excitement to try it.

Aldi’s Giant Yorkshire with Pig in Blanket features a large Yorkshire pudding filled with a two-foot long pig in blanket

Responding to the story on Yorkshire Live, users shared how they will be eating their giant pig in blanket, with one saying: ‘Nice rich gravy and onions on top yes plz. (sic)’

Another wrote: ‘Just add Roasted Potatoes, job done.’

Others even said the speciality would feature as their main festive dish, with one writing: ‘I’d have that over turkey any day.’

International Aldi customers even tuned in to say they hoped the new pig in blanket will make its way around the world.

Costing just £4.99 and weighing 380g, the new dish will go on sale this week as part of Aldi’s biggest range of pigs in blankets yet

Shoppers commented on a Yorkshire Live article saying how they will serve their pig in blanket and even hoping the new release will make its way to Aldi’s across the world

‘Oh! I hope US Aldis get these!’ one user commented on the photo.

Another wrote: ‘Wonder if it’s in Australian aldi’.

The anticipation over Aldi’s new product comes after customers went wild yesterday over its £7.99 hot water bottle which is 78cm long and can hold up to 1.7L of water.

The Kirkton House long hot water bottle also has a faux fur cover, making it perfect for snuggling, and the long shape can heat up many parts of the body at the same time.

According to Manchester Evening News, the water bottle can be warm on just 500ml of water, the equivalent of two cups of tea.

They calculated that, with current electricity costs, the cost of boiling your kettle for the hot water bottle would be 2p, rising to between 4p and 8p to fill the whole bottle.

Flooded with five star reviews on the Aldi website, shoppers are saying the product is great for staying warm and even helps with aches and pains.

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