Shark attack horror: Predator ‘leaves teeth’ in victim’s bone after severing artery

Anika Craney recalls shark attack experience in 2020

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Anika Craney detailed her traumatic encounter with a shark which left her with life-threatening injuries. The shark mauled the freediver with such aggression that a few of the animal’s teeth remained impaled in her leg after the attack. She explained: “The shark bit the lower part of my left leg – all the way to the bone. It left a couple of teeth in my tibia.”

“It severed an artery and caused a whole lot of pain,” Ms Craney described the injuries she sustained in the attack.

Immediately after the shark attack, the freediver explained “I was in the hospital for eight days.”

“The wound itself took about two months to actually heal over,” said Craney.

She confessed, “as soon as it healed, I was ready to get in the water.”

Following the disturbing encounter, Anika Craney challenged herself to dive with sharks in an effort to recover from the fear sparked by the attack.

“I actually chose to swim with sharks and I’m glad that I did,” she expressed.

Craney explained: “It was a wonderful way to make peace with the experience.

“Swimming around and looking at all of these creatures in a state of grace.”

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During the attack itself, Craney explained “I didn’t even quite realise what had happened.”

“I thought that it had just hit me with its head,” she reflected.

As her body flooded with adrenaline, the freediver was initially unaware she had been bitten by the animal.

“It wasn’t until I saw the blood pooling around me that I actually realised it had bitten me,” said Craney.

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Anika Craney was attacked by a shark while swimming with a friend along the Queensland coast.

While sharks are native to Australian waters and a known danger among freedivers, serious attacks are extremely rare.

In 2020, the year Craney was attacked, the country recorded just 22 unprovoked encounters with sharks.

Between 2012 and 2020 there were just 18 recorded fatalities attributed to shark attacks.

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