Sasha Colby Signs with CAA (EXCLUSIVE)

After her recent historic win on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Sasha Colby has signed with CAA for representation. She continues to be represented and managed by Full Scope PR.

In what has been dubbed “the fiercest competition in franchise history,” the actress, dancer, trans advocate, and activist faced off against talents like Anetra, Luxx Noir London, and Mistress Isabelle Brooks among other names in Season 15 of the long-running competition and came out victorious as the the first Native Hawaiian and trans contestant to be crowned in “Drag Race” history. Colby is also recognized as the drag mother of Season 14 standout Kerri Colby.

Colby started her career by performing in pageants while in her twenties and has been working as a drag queen for the last twenty years. She’s known for also winning the most prestigious title in the drag community in 2012, Miss Continental.

In a conversation with Variety, “Drag Race” casting director Goloka Bolte described Colby as a queen who “embodies strength, authenticity and vulnerability.” Already well known within her community as a legendary act, casting director Ethan Petersen added of the season: “It’s great to have the seasoned, elite queen next to queens that have never performed on a stage before.”

Pulling from her experience growing up in Waimanalo, Hawaii and being born into a religious family, Colby is incredibly passionate about uplifting the queer community and fighting for trans rights.

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