Sainsbury's is selling Christmas bunting with massive spelling mistake – and shoppers are baffled by it

Sainsbury's has apologised after customers found their "MERRY CHRISTMAS" banners said "MMRRY," "CHRYSTMAS" or even "CHSISTMAS".

Baffled shoppers posted pictures of their misspelled banners on social media.

One said "MERRT CHRISTMAS" while another wished people a "MERSY" Christmas, according to The Grocer.

One Twitter user, Crime Girl, wrote: "What happened here, then? Disgruntled employee?

"Someone was a sore loser at Sainsbury’s office party scrabble?"

Another, whose bunting said "MERRY CHRYSTMAS", said: "Saw what I thought was a bargain, bought it, soon discovered why."

It's thought the issue has only affected a small number of the bunting packs.

The bunting is no longer listed for sale online.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: "Our Christmas helpers clearly need to practise the elf-abet."

Sainsbury's was slammed by customers this week for selling imported pork from a "fake" British farm.

Meanwhile Tesco shoppers are also baffled as one branch is selling Father's Day themed Toblerones six months early – or six months late.

Some have also spotted Easter chocolate on sale before Christmas has even been and gone.

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