Sail The Ocean With The $250 Million Superyacht Of UFC Owner Frank Fertitta III

It has only been a few months since Frank Fertitta, who also owns the UFC, received delivery of the magnificent yacht “Viva” in June. “Viva” is a 94-meter-long luxury yacht built by Feadship at their shipyard in Kaag, Netherlands.

Viva was recently completed and delivered in the Netherlands. She was designed by Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture in collaboration with De Voogt Naval Architects, while Peter Marino designed her interiors. Let’s take a look inside the $250 million superyacht of UFC owner Frank Fertitta III.

3 One Of The Most Expensive Superyachts In The World

There is an almost endless amount of evidence regarding how Frank Fertitta III acquired his wealth, ranging from his current position as CEO of Station Casinos to how he, along with his brother Lorenzo and childhood friend Dana White, turned the Ultimate Fighting Championship into a multi-billion dollar business.

However, the manner in which he chooses to spend such wealth is somewhat less evident (at least for the fun stuff). The ultra-luxurious superyacht Viva, which was built by Feadship and has a jaw-dropping price tag of $250 million, is an example of such a luxury acquisition. The eldest Fertitta sibling stated that he made this transaction for himself.

It should be noted that Feadship appears to be the Fertitta family’s preferred shipbuilder. Lorenzo Fertitta is the owner of the 285-foot-long (87-meter-long), Feadship-built Lonian, which costs $160 million. Tilman Fertitta, the cousin of the Fertitta brothers, is the happy owner of a more modest Westport Yachts-built vessel in Boardwalk. This vessel achieves a maximum length of 163 feet or 50 meters and costs $27 million, which is significantly more reasonable than the preceding vessel.

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2 Opulent Interior And Exterior

Peter Marino designed the interior, and Azure Yacht Design designed the exterior. At the stern of the upper deck are a gym, a beach club, a theater, a beauty salon, underwater lighting, an elevator, and a helipad. In addition, the ship has a cinema and a beauty salon. The hull of Viva is composed of steel, while the superstructure and decks are made of teak and aluminum, respectively. It has two diesel-electric MTU engines, each with 16 cylinders, 3,916 horsepower, and 2,050 revolutions per minute. It can achieve its top speed of 20 knots while maintaining a cruising speed of approximately 12 knots.

Its freshwater tanks have a capacity of around 71,000 liters, while its fuel tanks can hold approximately 280,000 liters of gasoline. The owner wanted their new mega yacht, which is 94 meters long and built by Feadship like their prior mega yacht, which was 32 meters shorter, to have a smaller environmental impact than their previous mega yacht. In addition to adopting hybrid propulsion, the owner requested that the exterior and interior design of the superyacht adhere to a minimalist aesthetic because they belong to the “less is more” philosophical school.

Consequently, one can witness clean lines and an abundance of glass. The interior design of the superyacht is reminiscent of a beach cottage. In order to reduce fuel consumption, the hull has been made more aerodynamic. The motor yacht Viva measures 94 meters in length. The superyacht has a beam of 13.6 meters and can carry 2,999 gross tons of cargo. On board the superyacht Viva, there is space for a maximum of 14 passengers.

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1 The Legendary Makers Of The Superyacht

The Viva is the seventh-largest yacht manufactured by Feadship. In April 2021, Viva departed the Dutch shipyard and steered with extreme caution through the Dutch canals, coming dangerously close to colliding with canal-side structures. Feadship, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands and a history dating back to 1849, is frequently recognized as the most successful company in the sector of manufacturing pure custom million-dollar superyachts.

Each vessel in the Feadship fleet sets a new standard for craftsmanship, design, engineering, and construction. This is because each new Feadship indicates an improvement over their prior efforts. This is what the corporation refers to as its unrelenting pursuit of excellence. In every manner, the brand-new superyacht Viva exhibits this degree of excellence.

In addition, the year 2022 will mark 73 years since the founding of Feadship. Although the three key players in the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders each had histories dating back several decades further, the official creation of what is now the world’s foremost superyacht brand took place in an Amsterdam café in 1949.

Every new Feadship is an accomplishment in and of itself, as its builders constantly strive to redefine what defines perfection and ensure that each new model is structurally and technologically greater than the one that came before it. This strategy produces yachts that cannot be duplicated because they include space-age technologies and ultramodern design techniques. The Viva superyacht is, without a doubt, the finest of its kind.

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