Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Sell Their LA Home For $5 Million To Move Away From Hollywood

It appears that all of the tabloid speculations were accurate. Much conjecture has swirled behind Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes in past months, not about their romance but their real estate. Starting early in 2021, the duo has been devising a complex scheme to ‘leave Hollywood’ for good. According to reports, the L.A.-based pair has grown tired of the metropolis and wishes to relocate north, maybe to Gosling’s home Ontario, Canada, where they can raise their two children away from the spotlights of Hollywood.

Records indicate that the pair did break connections with Los Angeles. For more than a decade, the principal property in Los Feliz, a century-old house, had already been sold for roughly $5 million. The purchasers are a married couple. The Mendes-Gosling Los Feliz transaction was completed in secrecy and keeping in mind the couple’s exclusive demand. Since the mansion was never listed for sale, little information has floated around about the sold property that came from tax records and a few nuggets of information gleaned from years-old listings deep beneath the internet’s entrails.

The Mendes-Gosling mansion was sold for $5 million. The transaction was completed in discreet ways. The pair wants to raise their children from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, hence the decision to sell out their property.

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The Mediterranean Revival-style home lies on an irregularly formed corner property covering approximately a third of an acre. The mansion is flanked by some of the city’s highest bushes and bamboo shoots, making it perfect for a high-profile pair looking for solitude. There’s a separate garage with three parking spaces and what seems to be a visiting studio or separate office. Several patios and terraces travel down to a swimming pool that is traditionally gorgeous in all of its rectangular grandeur. Mendes purchased the house in 2008 for around $3.2 million, shortly as she and Ryan hooked their wheels and declared it their primary abode. The house comprises four rooms and four baths and is around 3,900 square feet in size.

Gosling, on the other hand, had a property in Los Angeles. This contemporary modernist home hidden up a long road in Studio City had been empty for several years while he resided in Los Feliz with Mendes. According to public records, the former bachelor pad was just sold to Hollywood costume designer Mark Avery in another completely off-market transaction.

The landscape merges seamlessly with the natural beauty of the highlands, providing vistas from every aspect. The yard also has breathtaking ocean views, providing the couple with the ultimate experience: hills and a coastline. There is not much to see from the vantage point, but the property provided the couple with the isolation and quiet they desired. The house was sold as it had such scenic views to offer.

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