Royal Mail recruits ex-cops to catch thieving posties and tackle scams

Royal Mail is recruiting ex-cops to catch thieving posties and tackle a rising tide of scams.

As millions of people start sending Christmas cards and presents, postal chiefs are advertising on a police website for former coppers.

They are being offered around £30,000 a year to look for posties stealing cash from kids’ cards and foil criminal gangs.

The job ads are on the Police Oracle web forum.

There has been a 51 per cent rise in complaints to the postal service about “disappearing parcels” over the past year, from 89,219 in 2016-17 to a record high of 134,712 reports in 2017-18.

There are more ex-coppers looking for work because 21,000 police jobs have been lost since David Cameron became Prime Minister in 2010.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “For many years we have recruited former police officers into our security team.

“But as the advertisement makes clear, we are not targeting ex-police officers exclusively.

"We seek the best candidates for a role based on their experience, qualifications and ability.”

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