Rich younger brother gets money from parents and I still get nothing

DEAR DEIDRE: EVEN though my younger brother is now rich in his own right, my parents give him money while I get nothing.

I’m 32, he’s 30 and they have always preferred him. It’s been like this ever since we were kids.

He is taller and better-looking than me, smarter and can do no wrong in their eyes. Meanwhile, nothing I do or say is good enough.

I’ve had enough of being second best. I’m sure this is why I have no confidence and never really achieved anything in my life.

My parents think I am jealous of my brother’s success and deny that he is their favourite. Yet they always side with him.

Sometimes I feel like divorcing the family and starting again on my own.

DEIDRE SAYS: Parents often do not see they are favouring one child over another – or how hurtful that is.

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This has clearly had an impact on your life and your confidence, but at 32 it is time to deal with your feelings so this doesn’t continue to affect you in the future.

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