Rich kid of Instagram exposes ‘perfect’ snaps influencers post on nights out

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Jodie Weston is famous for being a “rich kid of Instagram”.

The influencer shot to fame after appearing on Channel 5 show Rich Kids Go Skint – and by scrolling through her social media feeds, you’d think she lived a very glamorous life.

The DJ, from London, often posts pictures of stunning photoshoots, designer clothes and exciting nights out.

But while her life looks “perfect” to outsiders, she admits it’s anything but in reality!

The 27-year-old recently told the Daily Star that it can take 100 takes and photo airbrushing to make posts as flawless as possible.

Most of the time, she makes sure to work her angles and touch up her makeup with editing apps.

But as the snaps are retouched, they often don't give the full picture of what the moment is actually like.

To highlight this, Jodie share an embarrassing story about a recent night out.

She headed out for a picnic in the park due to lockdown restrictions.

The social media star explained: “I went for a picnic in the park in Beckenham.

“It was a really sunny day, I had my flamingo picnic blanket out, a few close friends and a wicker basket full of cocktails in a can, sandwiches and cupcakes.”

But as Instagrammable as this scene seemed, it unfortunately went very wrong.

Jodie said: “I started feeling an itching, nagging pain in my right arm.

“I put it down to hay fever which is something I usually suffer from, so I carried on having a few more cocktails and chatting to my friends about their love lives.

“As I started getting more tipsy it was easier to ignore the sensation in my arm, until I finally got up and properly assessed my arm in the sunlight and realised it was more than hay fever.

“As I got up I realised there were about a million ants all crawling around near where my bum had been situated and on the walk back home from the park, my arm had gone from light pink to rose pink!”

Thankfully, the rash disappeared after a while.

And as pubs reopening indoors on Monday, Jodie hopefully won’t have to deal with any more insect problems.

She revealed: “I have a posh restaurant meal booked with my mum for the afternoon.

“Then I plan to go out for drinks in the evening with my friends, and embrace the central heating, although we might not need it by then!”

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