'RHOA': How Did Kenya Moore React to Nene Leakes Getting Friendly With Marc Daly?

Marc Daly’s fractured relationship with Kenya Moore reportedly prompted him to reach out to her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star and big-time enemy, Nene Leakes. An insider claims that Daly contacted Leakes and her hubby, Gregg Leakes, while his marriage was falling apart. All hell broke loose when Moore found out about the betrayal and confronted Leakes face-to-face.

Daly reaches out to Leakes amid marital woes

A source revealed that Daly contacted the Leakes family when hismarriage hit a rough patch. It is unclear why Daly reached out to Leakes, ofall people, especially given how she is Moore’s main nemesis on the show.

According to All About The Tea, Kenya Moore found out about thesituation while she was in Greece with the rest of the cast. Not willing to letit slide, Moore confronted Leakes about what happened and a huge blowout fightensued.

“Kenya was stunned on the cast trip in Greece when she foundout that her now ex-husband Marc was conspiring against her by speaking to NeNeand Gregg Leakes behind her back during their marriage,” the insiderdished.

The source added that Kenya Moore had no idea what Daly was doing behind her back. To make things worse, Daly allegedly told Leakes that he didn’t even like Moore — which only escalated things.

Moore might be feuding with Leakes, but the source claims that shenever thought her co-star would stoop so low. Talk about being blindsided.

We do not know what else Daly said to Leakes, but it likelyprovided her more fuel in her war against Moore. It also sounds like we willget all the dirt on their fight in the new season of RHOA, which justfinished filming. It should also make for a pretty epic reunion after theseason is over.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly announce divorce

Moore tied the knot with Daly in a secret ceremony in 2017. Thecouple went on to have a daughter together before abruptly parting ways thisyear.

A few weeks ago, Moore confirmed the split on social media. Thedivorce announcement came days after Moore referred to Daly as the “love” ofher life.

There have been conflicting reports about why they parted ways,though Kenya Moore revealed that recent circumstances were to blame for thedivorce.

Daly has also issued a statement regarding the breakup. Marc Daly assured fans that he is committed to helping raise their daughter and that rumors will be dealt with through legal means.

He did not say anything about why the marriage fell apart, but hedid make it sound like it was his decision to pull the plug on therelationship.

“I have come to the difficult decision to separate from Kenya atthis time,” Daly shared.

Moore and Daly welcomed their daughter, Brooklyn Doris, 11 monthsago. Once the new season of RHOA getsunderway, we’ll hopefully learn more about why their marriage did not work out.

Until then, the rumors will likely continue as Moore attempts tomove on with her life.

Leakes believes Moore’s marriage was a sham

Given the mysterious start of Moore’s marriage and the fact thatit only lasted two years, Leakes firmly believes that the entire relationshipwas faked for the cameras.

While filming season 12 of RHOA, Leakes did not shy away from expressing her thoughts on Moore’s failed marriage, which led to multiple fights between the co-stars. In fact, an inside source claims that Leakes confronted Kenya Moore about the divorce and she lost her mind when Leakes said it was all a big lie.

Nene Leakes and Moore have been at each other’s throats foryears, and the former has always had suspicions about the marriage. After all,Moore refused to even mention Daly’s name on the show for the longest time.

The doubts were seemingly confirmed when Moore announced thedivorce, which also led to Leakes blasting her on the show.

There is no telling what will happen between Moore and Leakes,especially considering how Daly was in contact with his wife’s enemy thisentire time. Fortunately, the drama will play out in front of the cameras, sofans should prepare themselves for another drama-packed year.

Kenya Moore has yet to comment on the latest rumors surrounding her feud with Nene Leakes, who recently called her out for being the “thirstiest” person she knows.

The new season of the RealHousewives of Atlanta premieres November 3 on Bravo.

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