Pub trivia question sparks ‘chaos’ as thousands attempt to solve it

A mysterious puzzle taken from a pub trivia night has left tens of thousands of people confused after it was shared on Reddit this week.

The person who shared the puzzle said his mate who took the picture left the quiz, in Sydney, Australia, before finding out the answer.

The baffling riddle has gone viral – attracting 10,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from confused users attempting to solve it.

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The puzzle shows five silhouettes – two of which are female and have a tick on top of them, while the rest are male without a tick.

One user guessed it meant “two’s company three is a crowd”.

While another thought it could mean “there’s no good men left” or “ladies before gentlemen”.

A third joked: “You know what they say, two heads are better than three men”.

Meanwhile a fourth Reddit user used ChatGPT to try and find out the answer.

They got back: "Based on your description, it sounds like the rebus is representing the phrase 'checked out the men'.

"Here’s how the various elements in the image correspond to this phrase:

Two identical silhouettes of a younger woman’s bust facing to the left with her hair in a bun: This could represent the word “checked”, as in someone checking something out.

Above each silhouette is a check mark: This is a play on words, as the word “check” can also mean to mark or verify something.

Three identical pictures of the men’s bathroom symbol: This represents the word “men”, as in the men’s bathroom.

Putting it all together, we get 'checked out the men'. I hope this helps!"

Another user who claimed to have solved the puzzle said that the two female figures with check marks represented a “winning team,” while the male figures represented a “losing team.”

Meanwhile, others suggested variations of the phrase “ladies before gentleman” as the correct answer.

A further person joked that this is why phones are allowed at pub trivia.

“Look at what the chaos has created,” he wrote.

But what's the right answer? Well according to the pub it is “Ladies First”.


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