Psychologist explains how to know when it is time to quit your job

A psychologist has warned employees can end up miserable or even ill in the wrong job and has offered ways to know when to quit roles.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an organisational psychologist at the University of Manchester, claims there are two questions staff members need to ask themselves in order to make the big decision.

The expert, who is chair of The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work, says controlling managers who don’t give any autonomy over employees’ work and constantly look over their shoulders can demotivate their team.

He advised employees to consider whether their bosses are changeable.

Prof Cooper said: “You ask yourself this question and consider whether you can give them feedback at an appropriate time, what the impact of this feedback will be, and what their behaviour will be like towards you after you give this feedback.”

Speaking to Mirror, the psychologist identified a second point to consider.

If employees don’t think their boss is capable of change, the second key question they need to consider is where should they work – if they like the company/job, then they might consider moving into a different department under a new line manager, or if not, completely changing things up and leaving the place altogether.

“If they are not changeable look for another job,” the expert added.

“A bad boss is a killer, they will make you ill and they can damage your outside life with your family, kids, and other relationships because you’re so worried about your boss all the time. You don’t need that.

“There’s that old euphemism, people do not leave an organisation they leave a boss, and it’s true.

“This relationship between you and your boss is so fundamental in the workplace as that person can make you feel good about your performance and motivate you or make you feel lousy and undermine your self-confidence.

“The evidence is clear on bullying at work, it really does damage people.”

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