Princess Anne shows ‘stronger leadership’ signs than Boris – PM is ‘less self-controlled’

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Princess Anne addressed veterans and politicians last night at a reception held in honour of veterans of the Falklands War. The royal was dressed in military uniform and was seen speaking to the Prime Minister. What did her body language reveal about her relationship with him.

Princess Anne and Mr Johnson seem to have a “good rapport”, according to a body language expert.

Judi James said they were seen at the reception last night “laughing and joking together in a group with Trudeau, looking very much like the naughty kids at school”.

“Anne was clearly animated and amused,” Judi added.

“Anne was dressed in a military uniform, and this immaculate, polished, and smart look is something she excels in.

“Her bearing becomes controlled and military, and her tie-signs to her audience suggest empathy and bonding based on shared training or experiences.”

The body language expert continued: “Anne uses a wry smile to deliver her jokes, and each joke is created around shared knowledge to form strong tie-signs with her audience.

“They are ‘in’ jokes that the audience get and that means they ‘get’ her too.

“She delivers with her chin lowered but her brows raised in a signal of authority, gazing at her audience with a direct stare.

“Like her father though, her face is often wreathed with smiles or on the brink of it, suiting her dry humour and suggesting inner strength.

“Her signature body language gesture is the raising onto her toes before banging down on her heels.

“This again is a very military, dominant and assured gesture that suggests strong leadership skills.”

Judi then went on to compare Mr Johnson’s body language, saying: “Boris is far from the smart, self-controlled, military presence. His tie is eternally crooked and, while Anne listens to his speech like a hawk, responding to all his comments with her facial expressions, he is busy scribbling notes through hers.

“His raised chin looks like bravado but his speaking style is based on verbal fillers and he even begins on an ‘um’, rather than projecting a more crisp and focused style of leadership.”

Judi claimed that she would “probably follow Anne in an emergency” as the Princess “looked more about action while Boris looked more about entertainment”.

The body language expert went on to say that while the royal, Mr Johnson, and Mr Trudeau were laughing, Anne seemed to be “as much of an instigator as a co-conspirator”.

“Here we can see something of that comedy double-act magic again in a rather complementary pairing, with Boris adopting the upright and ‘to attention’ body stance and the anxious-looking facial expression of a schoolboy expecting a telling off, while Anne pulls the facial expression of a formidable but also slightly indulgent head teacher,” Judi said.

“Boris’ jaw clamp and his rigid pose suggest he might have been aiming at something Churchillian straight after winning the vote of confidence in the Commons, but his brows look over-steepled as he gazes at Anne out of the side of his eye to give a look of something more like guilt, while Anne raises her brows in an expression of haughty disapproval that is only offset by her ‘amused’ mouth smile.”

The body language expert added: “It is clearly Anne sending off the stronger signals of leadership here, looking as smart and regimental in her uniform as Boris looks rather unkempt, complete with crooked tie, in his suit.

“Anne has inherited the eye-twinkle that her father was so well known for, but like him she gives the appearance of a kind of calm intolerance, as though she would not suffer fools gladly.

“It could only be Anne standing as the centre of attention and as the high-status person in the group, while Boris lurks behind with a look of admiration.”

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