Prince William visits Royal Military Academy, addresses cadets: ‘I stood where you are’

Prince William donned one of those impressive British military uniforms Friday to return to his old marching grounds at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, standing in for his grandmother the queen for the annual Sovereign’s Day Parade.

Dressed in full regalia – red-brimmed hat, draped gold braid, white gloves and belt, red-trimmed pants – the second in line to the throne inspected the annual “parade,” a class of nearly 200 officer cadets from the United Kingdom and 19 other countries graduating after a year’s intensive training course.

The Duke of Cambridge also distributed awards, including the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword and The Queen’s Medal. And he gave a speech recalling his own “passing out” at Sandhurst, when it was Queen Elizabeth II herself who presided, smiling at him as she went by him standing at attention.

“It is almost 12 years ago to the day that I stood where you are,” he said. “I remember the deep sense of pride that came from passing out of one of the finest military academies in the world as well as wanting a short speech delivered so I could march off the parade square that little bit quicker!

“I also remember the acute sense of relief that I would no longer be getting thrashed at Sennybridge (a military training area in Wales), or having to dig trenches for five days in Thetford!” he joked. 

The uniform Will wore may be familiar: Known as the Blues and Royals uniform, it’s what he wore to Prince Harry’s wedding in May to the former Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex. 

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