Prince William Used to Throw His Food Across the Table and I've Never Loved Him More

Have you ever wondered what Prince William was like as a little kid? Probably not, let’s be real, but apparently he was quite an adorable handful. Royal reporter Katie Nicholl laid out some amusing facts about the young prince in her book William and Harry, saying that The Queen in particular was “increasingly aware that her grandson misbehaved.”

Apparently, Her Majesty “noticed William had become quite a handful” when he was a little kid, and his iconic/goal-worthy antics included hurling food across the table. Which, LIVE YOUR LIFE LIVE YOUR TRUTH, PRINCE WILLIAM. To quote Nicholl: “Mealtimes were an ordeal and would frequently end up with William throwing his supper across the table and being banished to the nursery by his exasperated parents.”

Honestly, whomst among us hasn’t thrown dinner across the table? Anyway, The Queen reportedly encouraged William to “let off steam” at Balmoral (her estate in Scotland), and it must have worked because he seems pretty chill.

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