Prince William ‘occasionally writes’ to families helped on DIY SOS

Prince William tunes into DIY SOS and writes personal letters to families helped by the show he’s appeared on twice, presenter Nick Knowles reveals

  • Nick Knowles revealed that the royal  ‘occasionally’ writes to DIY SOS families
  • He spilled the news to Christine Lampard on This Morning’s Lorraine programme 
  • Said he appreciated the royals coming along as it brought ‘lots of attention’
  • Prince William took part in part of Grenfell tower DIY SOS project last year 

Prince William, 36, tunes into episodes of DIY SOS and writes personal letters to families helped by the show, presenter Nick Knowles has revealed. 

Appearing on today’s episode of Lorraine, presented by Christine Lampard, the host opened up about William being a fan of the show. 

The builder told how he appreciated the royals coming along to builds, and that it brought ‘a lot of attention’ to worthwhile projects. 

The Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry have taken part in several episodes of the programme, with William most recently donning a hard hats for a Grenfell tower DIY SOS project last year. 

When Christine asked if they royals were viewers of the programme, he nodded, explaining: ‘William occasionally writes to the people we do the builds for.’ 

The DIY SOS team is known for helping deserving families, including recently building a new home for a disabled father-of-three, whose wife had died. 

Prince William joined the DIY SOS builders in Ladbroke Grove, West London, as they worked on a major project to support families affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower. 

As guest presenter Christine Lampard asked him about the DIY SOS anniversary, Nick told how the BBC One programme has a special connection to the royals.

He went on: ‘It’s nice to have their backing obviously. When we do a big build like when we did Grenfell, or when we did the veteran street up in Manchester, they come along and join in too which is nice. 

The royal had previously taken part in the DIY SOS programme with brother Prince Harry, in a special episode that built homes for veterans 

DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles told Christine Lampard that he appreciated the royals coming along to builds, and that their appearance brought a lot of attention to the projects 

‘It brings a lot of attention to the thing.’ 

The DIY SOS presenter didn’t elaborate on which families the Prince had been in contact with, but viewers were touched last year by his appearance on the Grenfell episode of the programme.

Prince William, 36, joined Nick Knowles and his team as they rebuilt the Dale Youth boxing club which was destroyed in the deadly blaze in June two years ago.

He was filmed speaking to construction workers, residents and local schoolchildren who were affected by the disaster that claimed 72 lives, for the BBC One show. 

Prince William and Harry took part in DIY SOS projects benefiting ex-Army servicemen in 2015. It’s been revealed that William ‘occasionally writes’ to those who have been on the programme 

Viewers were left in tears after his appearance, in which he was seen comforting those affected by the fire. 

In one scene, the royal took the hand of Nabil Choucair, who lost six family members in the tragic fire.

Working with the community and volunteers, DIY SOS built a space for the club and a new community centre.

The Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry previously took part in a DIY SOS project benefitting ex-Army personnel in 2015.  

Nick told presenter Christine Lampard that Prince William will sometimes stay in touch with families featured on the programme 

The royal has appeared several times on the BBC programme, and Nick has told in the past how William is always keen to get involved 

Nick has previously told how the royals are dedicated workmen when they appear on the programme. 

Last year he revealed on Lorraine: ‘Whenever we get him to do that, he always insists on finishing whatever we’re doing before we move on.’

‘I’m like “your people are telling me we need to get on with it”…and then he picks holes in what I do.

‘He and Harry, they’re both really good lads with a really good heart and they’re properly engaged.’


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