Prince Harry Told To Go “Full Kim Kardashian” In U.K. Tabloid Lawsuit To Get Huge Payout

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly face financial woes (and divorce speculation), the royal is being told he should’ve pulled a Kardashian-like stunt to secure as much compensation from his million-dollar lawsuit against the U.K. media agencies.

In July, it was reported that Harry had lost part of his lawsuit against U.K. tabloids, though he’ll get to face The Sun in court.

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Speaking to, royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser explained that being more aggressive like the Kardashian-Jenner clan – which have used their reputation and social following to spin narratives in their favor – could’ve been a smarter strategy.

“The best approach […] [would’ve been to] go full Kim Kardashian,” Elser explained. “Not only would it save him a motza on legal fees but, well … he might soon be in need of a new career to boot.”

Rather, Elsa warns that Prince Harry’s sense of what is morally just led him to pursue the expensive lawsuit, which ultimately didn’t work out in his favor.

“What is clear is that the Duke of Sussex clearly feels a burning sense of right and wrong and will go to what must be incredibly costly lengths (personally and financially) to fight all the fights on all these fronts,” she explained.

“While there is a certain admirable quality to his bulldog-like litigiousness, you have to also wonder about what happens next,” Elser added.

Now, Harry and Meghan are presumably stuck with high legal fees from the lengthy court case, which comes as the pair face reports of financial woes. Earlier this year, Spotify pulled the plug on their million-dollar deal, and it’s been reported that Netflix has threatened to do the same if they don’t produce higher performing content.

With allegations that Harry and Meghan have hired divorce lawyers, and there apparently being no prenup in place to divide their $60 million shared net worth, the couple may be facing more time in court and higher legal fees very soon.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been worn down after public backlash, failed business deals, and public spats with their loved ones, palace insiders revealed,” Radar Online reported earlier this month.

“They’re trying to figure out what hit them. Harry doesn’t fit in Meghan’s tacky Tinseltown world,” they continued, potentially foreshadowing a dark outcome in Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

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