Prince Charles is left in hysterics after amusing magic trick

A royal jester! Prince Charles is left in hysterics after a magician performs a trick to ‘read his mind’ during a visit to meet young entrepreneurs in Brixton

  • Prince Charles, 72, met The Prince’s Trust Young Entrepreneurs in Brixton today
  • Magician Chris Wall entertained the royal with a playing cards magic trick
  • Prince Of Wales laughed when Chris pulled out a card labelled ‘your card’
  • Royal was blown away after the magician showed off his magic tricks  

The Prince of Wales gamely allowed a young entrepreneur to read his mind yesterday.

Prince Charles looked slightly nervous at first but soon entered into the spirit of things when Chris Wall, also known by his stage name, ‘Chris Reads Minds’, asked him to think of a name, number and colour.

The prince chose blue and the number 12 – but struggled to think of a name. 

‘Any name?’ he queried. ‘Of any person? Oh dear.’

Charles eventually laughed and said the name of his eldest grandchild: ‘George!’

Prince Charles (pictured left) allowed magician Chris Wall (pictured far right) to read his mind during his visit to Brixton’s NatWest Bank branch today

The Prince Of Wales (pictured) was asked for a name, number and colour, by Chris who promptly wrote down a prediction 

Mr Wall, 29, pulled out a card and wrote his ‘prediction’ down on a card and put it face down on a table.

He told the future king he ‘could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before’, but assured him there was ‘something for you in my wallet’ if he got it wrong.

‘So we have cash, an NUS card which gets you a free McFlurry and contactless debit card which you can get up to £100 now,’ he said, prompting the prince to chuckle.

He then got the prince to name a playing card. The royal chose the ace of clubs.

Prince Charles (pictured left) said the ace of clubs when asked to name a playing card during The Prince’s Trust Young Entrepreneurs meeting 

‘Would you be impressed if you turned over this card and it was your card?’ Mr Wall asked.

Charles duly did so and read out what was on the back: ‘This is your card.’

Charles laughed, but the joke wasn’t over and Mr Wall reached inside his wallet and pulled out a sealed envelope with one of his business cards and ‘blue’, ’12’ and ‘George’ written on the back.

‘You can keep that as a momento of our time together,’ he said as Charles looked on in admiration. 

Prince Charles (pictured left) appeared in good spirits as he admitted he would be impressed if Chris was able to select his card 

Charles praised Chris for the magic trick and gushed that he has ‘the gift of the gab’ in addition to his entertainment skills 

Chris (pictured far right) said he was able to start his own business after going on the Prince’s Trust enterprise scheme 

‘Very impressive, it really is. Well done. And you have the gift of the gab too. You’ve been a huge success,’ the prince said.

Mr Wall, from Brockley, south London, said afterwards that he had gone on a Prince’s Trust enterprise scheme which helped him to start his own business.

‘It taught me both fundamental and advance business skills and quite honestly I wouldn’t be here without it,’ he said.

‘I am now performing for the likes of Netflix and Amazon. It was fantastic just to be able to thank the prince in person.’

Charles was at the NatWest Bank, which has been a partner of the Prince’s Trust for more than 20 years, on Brixton High Street in south London.

Charles put on a dapper display in Brixton today in a white crisp shirt and pin-striped grey suit adorned with a red poppy

Keshia East shared her business success story with Charles in Brixton this morning, after launching No Knot Co LTD 

He met several local dignitaries, including councillor Jacqui Dyer, who told the prince that not only had he awarded her with an honour for services to mental health, but that they also shared the same birthday – November 14.

Charles, who turns 73 this weekend, beamed: ‘Us Scorpios need to stick together.’

He chatted at length with Keshia East, 29, who described the help given to her by the Prince’s Trust enterprise scheme as invaluable.

She has set up her own award-winning range of environmentally-friendly hair styling tools, with an emphasis on Afro and curly hair, called NoKnotCo, made from plant cellulose.

‘I can see some waves in your hair,’ she said, admiringly. 

Charles was seen beaming as he shook hands with independent health and social care consultant Jacqui Dyer MBE

The Prince Of Wales shook hands with guests this morning as he met The Prince’s Trust Young Entrepreneurs

Charles looked deep in thought as he spoke with a young person who showcased and shared his business success story today

‘Oh yes I know,’ the prince blushed.

She told him how she started her firm when she couldn’t find a suitable product for her own hair, and demonstrated a brush that helps to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.

‘Does it work?’ The prince laughed ruefully, stroking his own hair. ‘I am just so impressed by what you have achieved.’

He also spoke to Louise Payne, 32, who has started her successful Brixton Wine Club subscription service for wine in a can after completing an enterprise course and winning a £5,000 grant from his charity.

‘I am so glad it is going well,’ he said. ‘I am always fascinated by all the ideas.’ 

The 72-year-old Prince of Wales was given a very warm welcome by people gathered on a street in Brixton this morning

Charles wore a white crisp shirt and pin-striped grey suit with a red poppy on his lapel as a symbol of remembrance today

The prince stoped to speak to former deputy head Ruth Lue-Quee, who during lockdown started My Mummy Teacher, packs of cards with ideas and activities for parents to try with their children.

She said she would have had ‘no idea’ where to begin with her business had it not been for the Prince’s Trust.

Charles asked her who looked after her two-year-old son when she was working and she explained that it was her mother.

‘Thank goodness for grandparents!’ he laughed.

Outside the bank branch the heir to the throne received a warm welcome from several hundred well-wishers who had gathered to catch a glimpse of him when word spread of his presence.

The prince spent several minutes shaking hands and even posed for selfies as people screamed his name.   

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